Review of I Am Cait

60 minutes

Docuseries following Caitlyn Jenner's journey toward a "new normal."
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by me2011
Sep 30, 2015 1:34AM EDT

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If you have narcissistic traits as a man, then when you transition to a female, you still have narcissistic traits, right? I have no issue with Bruce becoming Caitlyn because everyone should be happy in their own skin. But Caitlyn is no role model... come on people! Look at what he did to his first family, the blonde kids not the brunette ones ;), he deserted them. And they've forgiven him. And then he married and again KNOWING that he wanted to be a woman. He used his wives and his family as his "beard" and when he finally had the strength to live as his true self, he caused his third new family pain again. I'm not saying he should have stayed because he wouldn't have been happy either, what I'm saying is that he should have never gone down the road of pretending to be the man he appeared to be by getting married over and over again. But he's a narcissist and they only think about their needs in the moment.
Take off your rose coloured glasses and watch an episode to see just how selfish Caitlyn is...If you're looking for a transgender role model, choose anyone else but Caitlyn.


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