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Dropping Like Flies *spoilers*

So after only the fourth episode, where we should be down to oh about thirteen contestants left, we are down to eight. In another "suprise" ending, London, after having some huge fights with Daisy denies his chain. Daisy leaves the scene crying and we are left to wonder what will happen to the guys who did not get eliminated, but also did not get a chain. Let's recap on the past losers who have already left the show. The first bang to go were the triplets from where? I don't know somewhere on the other side of the world, but all they did was eat, party, and tell Daisy it's buy one get two free with them. Even though she thought they were hot, still don't want to be seeing triple in the bedroom. Ew. They were gone before the first elimination. Nice way to hang in there guys! Next we had the actual elimination for the premier episode. After trying to talk with everyone, well those who weren't passed out drunk already, Daisy sends home Torch (thank god because he was so not hot and had the personality of a brick) home for "acting like a dolphin" and not even nicknamed flipper. She also sends Dropout home, because he was too much like a cartoon character. With a name like Dropout you know she just wanted him out, fast. Second episode rolls around and here we go with the list of people that actually start dropping out, on their own. Losers. Flipper who was so boisterous and "feeling daisy" leaves because he feels lie he can't compete. Pretty much, he's a wimp and couldn't handle watching other people do better than him. Had he been a girl and with other girls he'd be crying on a speed bump in a mini-skirt. Too bad. The two eliminated this episode are Professor and Weasel. Weasel's real name is Pauly but he is a far cry looks department from Pauly Shore in Son-In-Law. Plus he was a huge drinker, so Daisy said go home, I think she just didn't want to hold his hair back, I don't blame her. Professor though, I would have kept. I'd let him teach me a trick or two. But he obviously is not a rocker, and not the personality of a rocker. So back to teaching high school he goes, just let me know where so I can come and take a few classes again. And again. Episode three with all it's paintball glory came, and we see three more leave the show through elimination and withdrawal. Are any of these guys actually going to make it to the end without leaving, being eliminated, or throwing a huge hissy fit and trying to leave? I have my doubts. After getting wasted and calling his "ex" girlfriend all night and then having her call, and call, and call the house. Brooklyn reveals to Daisy right after the paintball challenge that he still has feelings for his ex. Couldn't have told her before being blasted with paintballs? Or was it because of the paintballs you realized you were a wimp and stuck in a rut. Sorry but there has to be a reason she is your ex. Go make the same mistakes twice. Then at the elimination ceremony, where Daisy was only going to let go of Cable Guy for being to wall-flowerish and not trying hard enough to win Daisy's love, Flex speaks up and tells Daisy that Tool Box has told everyone in the house he really isn't that into her. She tells him to leave. Ah another one down, another down....another one bites the dust. Yeah. Episode four comes and goes quite uneventful you could say. If you didn't watch it. Daisy has them perform nursery songs in a rock style. Two of the three judges pick Sinister's team because they actually carried a tune and performed. Daisy goes with Chi-Chi's team because, well no one is really sure why because the other two "bands" sucked. Riki even tells Daisy that he doesn't believe this. London goes on the group date and starts to feel like Daisy doesn't want to listen to his life story and that he thinks she has a problem with him *flashback to episode one of him wasted throwing up in the sink and Daisy frustrated that he's passed out on the floor* and drinking. He tells her he s