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One Direction on 'iCarly': First look! (Swoon!)

Like, OMG: the first video has emerged of adorable British boy band One Direction and their first appearance on an American scripted TV show. The guys shot a quick guest spot on Nickelodeon's "iCarly" back in January, and now the fruits of their day-long labor are finally seeing the light of day. Sure, it is only a 41-second clip, but here's what we know about their appearance: They have floppy hair and British accents. One of them is named Harry, and he gets sick. (DON'T PANIC, GIRLS: he's ACTING, so he's just fine.) Basically, the teenage girls (or those with inner teenage girls) in your life are gonna lose it when this episode finally airs on Sunday, April 7. "Glee" is getting in on the act too, with the McKinley High New Directions set to cover One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" in an upcoming episode. Meanwhile, One Direction's partners in boy band-dom and Britishness,... //

Michelle Obama and 'iCarly' honor military families

iCarly: "iMeet the First Lady: Sam and the Secret Service" Get More: iCarly Episodes,iCarly,iCarly GamesNickelodeon's "iCarly" welcomed a very special guest star Monday night (Jan. 16) - First Lady Michelle Obama. In the episode, titled "iMeet the First Lady," the kids are worried they'll get sent to prison for hacking a secure communications network, as they were trying to set up a surprise father-daughter reunion online for Carly and her deployed Colonel father.Sam thinks they should make a run for it, so she's got wigs and passports ready to go. But the Secret Service and Michelle Obama show up to help them out. The First Lady's daughters are big iCarly fans. She's there to commend them for caring for their family and friends. And the episode has been screened around the country for military families. We thought the episode was a little more serious than "iCarly" normally is, but we loved it. What did you... //

VIDEO: iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove Dishes on Working, Dancing with Guest Star Michelle Obama

When it comes to guest stars, it doesn't get much bigger than the First Lady. In a special episode of iCarly , "iMeet the First Lady," Carly ( Miranda Cosgrove ) learns that her military father won't be able to return home for her birthday. But she quickly cheers up when she receives a special visit from Michelle Obama herself who thanks Carly for being supportive during her father's deployment. //

Miranda Cosgrove Breaks Her Ankle In Tour Bus Crash

Teenage singer/actress Miranda Cosgrove has been forced to postpone a string of concerts after breaking her ankle in a tour bus crash on Thursday morning. The iCarly star and her entourage were ... //

Miranda Cosgrove Wants Tina Fey To Be Her TV Mom

Miranda Cosgrove wants Tina Fey to be her mom–at least on TV. The 18-year-old singer and actress paid a visit to The Wall Street Journal yesterday to talk about her current music tour. Cosgrove has an EP out titled "High Maintenance," a single called "Dancing Crazy," and she’s continuing her starring role in the hit Nickelodeon comedy ‘iCarly." One of the quirks of "iCarly"  is that the program has never shown the parents of Cosgrove’s character, Carly Shay. Cosgrove says the show might someday introduce Shay"s mother and father; she doesn’t have an actor in mind for the dad, but she’d like her TV mom to be played by Fey. Read More... //

Watch 'iCarly' pay homage to 'The Wire' (for real)

We're guessing that the crossover audience between "iCarly" and "The Wire" is, give or take a few parents who watch the former with their kids, pretty much nonexistent. Which could explain how a clip from "iCarly" that spoofs/pays homage to "The Wire," and which aired in January 2010, is just now being discovered online.We wish we would have known about this sooner, but frankly, we're just glad it's there. Consider our day improved a little. (Thanks to Buzzfeed for bringing it to our attention.)The episode in question involves the "iCarly" characters playing a game of Assassin using paintballs and blowtubes. Sam (Jennette McCurdy) has Gibby (Noah Munck) dead to rights, and Gibby channels his inner Snoop. (The "iCarly" wiki also notes that elsewhere in the episode, Sam declares that "Spencer gonna get got!")Peter Tibbals and Eric Goldberg are credited as writers of the episode, and if we ever meet, drinks are on us.The original... //

'iCarly' Star Miranda Cosgrove Talks Her Style Evolution

Miranda Cosgrove is all grown up! The "iCarly" star just turned 18 in May and recently appeared in Elle magazine's "Big Bang Theory" photoshoot, where she sported a boho chic look—something we haven’t seen on the actress before. Miranda has matured in the spotlight, and over the years we have seen her rock several different fashion styles. When we caught up with the Nickelodeon star at the Neutrogena Wave for Change event, we had to ask how she thinks her style has evolved over the years. Read More... //

Video and Pic: First Look at Michelle Obama on 'iCarly'

Michelle Obama has dropped by the set of " iCarly " to film her guest role appearance on Tuesday, June 14. Wearing a casual shirt and red pants, the First Lady of the United States greeted the cast one by one and waved to the crew after being introduced on the set in   Hollywood .   Looking excited, Mrs. Obama shouted, "Let's do it," while punching her fists in the air. In a picture from the Nickelodeon comedy series, the First Lady is seen smiling and sitting on a couch while   Miranda Cosgrove 's Carly Shay and her friends are stunned.   Read More... //

Victoria Justice Talks Getting 'Fun Size'

Victoria Justice treated fans to an "iParty with Victorious" over the weekend, and now the teen star is ready to have a bit more fun in her big screen flick, "Fun Size"—the film is Victoria's first leading lady big screen role! "I just booked my first lead role in a feature film," she explained to MTV News. "It's like a coming of age story; kind of like 'Superbad' meets 'Adventures in Babysitting.' I actually leave tomorrow [she told us last week] for Ohio for two months. I'm excited." The film follows a teen girl who is forced to take her little brother trick-or-treating on Halloween, but loses him along the way. Would that be considered a trick or a treat? Read More... //

2011 Kids' Choice Awards Winners in TV: Selena Gomez and 'iCarly'

The 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards was held on Saturday, April 2. It turned out that " iCarly " got the most back-up from its fans as the show got double kudos. One was Favorite TV Show and the other was Funniest TV Sidekick which was given to   Jennette McCurdy .    Read More... //