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Ice Road Truckers Returns for Season 2

Ice Road Truckers returns for Season 2 this Sunday, June 8th, to the History Channel at 9/8c! This season, many of last season's truckers return while some newbies hit the ice roads as well. The truckers are taking on hauling large equipment loads over the frozen Arctic Ocean and the Mackenzie River in the farthest reaches of the Northwest Territories. According to the History Channel's press release about Ice Road Truckers' return: "For a brief window during the coldest part of the winter, the only way to reach the remote communities and natural gas exploration sites of this region, which lies more than 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, is by driving over extraordinary ice road that winds along the Mackenzie River. Contending with Arctic storms that hit without a moment's notice, even the most seasoned truckers find themselves challenged by the extreme polar conditions, isolation and the lack of basic comforts." Ready to sign up for the job yet? While this job is absolutely not for me, I was excited to check out the show as I didn't get the chance to Season 1, and have discovered that watching these extreme conditions and this extreme job from a comfy couch is definitely more my style and is completely fascinating! I hadn't realized, though quite obvious from the title of the show, that these truckers were literally driving on ice. This lends a danger to the show that definitely proved in Season 1 to not be taken lightly. The speed limits are amped up, the loads are heavy to say the least, and the truckers are ready to prove they can handle it after some failures last season. Returning truckers include Hugh Rowland, Alex Debogorski, Rick Yemm, and Drew Sherwood, and newcomers include Eric Dufresne and Jerry Dusdal. The returning truckers are definitely a source for some manly drama, as Rick was fired by Hugh last year, and is coming back to prove himself, rearing to go blue Mohawk and all! Drew also has something to prove since he quit last year, and wants to prove that he can be a true ice road trucker... but in the premiere episode, he sees that this may be more difficult than he thinks. With Hugh and Drew put together in the same orientation, tension definitely rises as Hugh is not ready to believe Drew can handle it. The premiere provides some good background, so viewers who haven't followed Season 1 can jump in to Season 2, and provides plenty of new dangers and interesting new aspects that will continue for the season to show Season 1 fans that Season 2 is definitely bringing it. Don't miss Ice Road Truckers ' Season 2 premiere Sunday at 9/8c! Photo courtesy of