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iChannel Webseries: Quit Yelling at Your TV. Start Making i Happen!

Guy meets girl. Guy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. Or, in the case of the popular web series, iChannel , "i" meets "igirl" and gets their relationship incredibly complicated by the sudden interference of an audience watching his life online and giving him constant text message advice about said life and girl. Sound strange? Well, yes it is, but also totally fascinating and addicting. Think The Truman Show meets Lonelygirl15 and a more raw and funny version of Quarterlife . Now, this project is a group of friends who've done an excellent job getting together production, writing, and acting of the series as opposed to a guy who's being stalked by an Internet audience in real life, considering that'd be a bit illegal. But the fact that this is how it's supposed to be for the main character, "i," makes things very interesting. He starts out feeling very strange and uncomfortable with this sudden audience, but then as the show progresses with its 4-6 minute weekly episodes, he adjusts and starts really interacting with the user comments that drive the show. The idea is that viewers can comment on episodes once the episodes have been posted, and then the creators write the next episode with the influence of those comments, which are included as quoted text throughout the episode. What's really cool about this is that i isn't just a puppet of the viewers, but the plot and his actions can be very influenced by them. i is a twenty-something philosophy teaching assistant (who's name we don't know) who tries to go about his normal life, but is continually told his life is boring and asked if his life is worth watching. But then things get interesting as, of course, a girl comes into the picture... and then an ex-girlfriend, his brother, and other friends, and even fans. While i begged his viewers to go away for a while on his first date with this girl he went to high school with in one of the first episodes, instead she gets a little freaked out by i's weird behavior and telling her not to say anything personal. And things just get weirder as i continues getting pushed around by his viewers, both asking for advice, getting upset about it, then getting others in his life jump into it in different ways as well. So if you're sick of talking to your TV and none of the characters talking back or taking your wise advice, iChannel will certainly become your new addiction! Check out iChannel here on SideReel and on their own iChannel YouTube page where new episodes are posted every Thursday. Follow i and igirl through their very relatable, sometimes boring, and yet always developing dramatic "real life" moments - which you can make or break! Photo courtesy of