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Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

With the final episode of the series, the show finishes out is odd turn of events that's really thrown the whole thing off balance. While we had enjoyed the show a great deal for what it was during the first eight or nine episodes, things changed substantially once it really finished introducing Hero and then going big with the whole end of the world style storyline. The show prospered well and was a great deal of fun when it was focused on the characters and the situation that Sai found himself in by being told he would be the Demon King someday. The Kyo Kara Maoh flavor worked well, heightened by a lot of fanservice, and each episode was a certain exercise in good goofy action comedy. When it turned decidedly serious and ejected the majority of the comedy and fanservice, it did it so suddenly that it left you scratching your head wondering if you really were watching a different series or if you missed a few episodes. With the original light novel source having running several volumes, there's probably some truth to it. Watching this last episode, I'm left with much the same feeling I've had for the last couple in that it's now just a slew of events that may have been cool to watch play out if there were an additional ten or twenty episodes in between, or more depending on how they wanted to expand on things, since it does all make sense. It's simply coming out far too early. Watching as Yamamoto sets about for causing the destruction of mankind, there's all sorts of mystical moments, magic and intriguing beauty to it, but it's all incredibly hollow. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

The previous episode feels like it could be best summed up by asking what happened to the dozen or so episodes that needed to precede it in order to set it up properly. It felt like it leapfrogged over a ton of necessary material in order to give it the right build-up and flow. With it playing out as it did, it felt like we were watching a very different show with only a mild connection to what we were watching before. While this series has handled the balance of fun and serious well, it went too serious too fast and left most viewers wondering what the hell just happened. That feeling permeates this episode as well, one where it eschews a traditional opening in order to squeeze in more of the show itself since there's apparently a lot of ground to cover. Keena is assuring everyone that Sai is still alive but he's kept off screen for a bit as most everyone is preparing to deal with Yamato and the apparent invading ninja army that he has set up. There's a definite rush for certain surprises to be revealed as well, such as Eiko's true role her family and whose death she's responsible for. It felt like things did in the previous episode where things were just thrown out there for the heck of it. The supporting cast, the third rank characters really, are out in full force here as they try to stem the wave of the attack ninjas by defending their school as best as they can. It's all decent action material with a touch of humor mixed in, but it is the third stringers for the most part so it's fairly forgettable. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Episode #10"

A lot of things appear to be in the balance as Yamato is now set to take down Sai so he can bring him under his own control and use him for his plans. Sai's not doing well in all of this since he's still so new to his powers and Yamato is able to really get one up on him when they first trade magical blows since Sai isn't the type to really go all out right away. Luckily for him, Keena and Eriko are there to help smooth things out and get him out of harm's way at least initially while the massive forces of the ninja wait outside for there to be an opportunity to attack. The press campaign is amusing as it plays out that the Kouga and Iga ninja are all set to defeat the great Demon King that's now hiding within the magic academy as they manage to rally the support of the public who has little facts about what's truly going on. While Sai is down at the moment and not exactly out, he is close to getting a bit of support as Junko has managed to gain control of the sword of Sohaya from her father, a position that her father didn't want her to have but was overruled by his own mother in a rather quite way. It all ties back to the beginning when the matriarch of the family first met Sai when he stumbled into her and Junko at the station and she got a feel for what kind of person he is, even if he is the supposed demon king. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Episode 9 "

Ichiban has been a bit off for me in the last episode or two though there have been things I liked. The silly smutty factor is still a positive for me in the series since they're having fun with it and I like how Sai is growing into his role as the Demon Lord bit by bit. What has thrown a significant monkey wrench into things is the arrival of Hiroshi as the hero Brave with his entirely too goofy costume and over the top do-gooder aspect when in that role. I've never liked that kind of character in general since it doesn't allow for the nuance of life itself and is the kind of archetype that really drains on me when it comes to watching a show. The last two episodes has a fair bit of material for him with him going into that role and it left me less than enthused. One thing that has been interesting about the show is that while it does have a significant harem aspect to it, it hasn't played up a lot of it in terms of the women really trying to woo him. They're close to him and some of them play with him well, such as Korone and her deadpan teases or Keena and her simple innocence, but Junko has been either very hands off with him or wanting to kill him for the offenses he's made. With everything that's gone on though, Junko's realized her feelings for him and it's a bit of an internal conflict for her that's made even worse when an arranged marriage interview is setup for the two of them but Sai isn't aware of what it's really about. The two of them end up going off to a village where the meeting is to occur and we add yet another cute young girl with Junko's sister Yuuko showing up on the scene with a big shinobi style role. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Episode 08"

One of the things about Sai that amuses me is the way he's able to go from a slightly goofy character in a way, such as he was in the first episode and some of his more mellow moments, to a character that exudes confidence and charisma. Whether it's his inner demon king coming out or just his suppressed real self, the disparity between the two is something that makes me smile since seeing which is operating at any given time can change the way and entire scene comes across. This episode of Ichiban is a bit more setup in general for the larger events going on regarding Sai. With his awakening moving right along, especially with his taking on the dragon now as its master, other beasts are starting to wake up as well. Fujiko is trying her best to take advantage of all of this near the dragon's lair as she hunts up a particular item, but for the dragon it's all about realizing that more and more creatures near the capital and the academy are moving about. The first half of this episode is pretty laid back about things in general though as Sai is learning more about the people in the academy and the general make-up of the land in regards to who gains positions of power in the government and why. For someone who wanted to be a Grand Priest, having this news be a surprise to him is kind of a surprise, but it's another peg that helps highlight how he's becoming dissatisfied with the way the world works. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Episode #07"

Having concluded that she's failed to properly seduce him, Korone has removed herself from the picture as the observer for him and Sai finally learns that bit about her real job. Others are aware of it too now which makes him feel a bit more self-aware over it but it's hard to get over the initial loss of Korone as she's been a strong constant in his life for a bit now since coming to the academy. While Sai is the lead in the series, we're starting to move a bit beyond him as well by providing the opposite side of that coin as we learn that Hiroshi, who is doing his best to be Sai's friend, may indeed be the legendary hero prophesized about. The initial problem that arises from this is that Sai doesn't want to be the demon king, though he's doing a good job at acquiring its perks and abilities, and he can't believe that Hiroshi wants to be the legendary hero either. Hiroshi and Sai have been pretty good friends since Sai's arrival and Sai has done good by him overall, but there's that nagging thing in his mind that maybe contrary to his thoughts that he might actually want to be the hero. Amusingly, Hiroshi's younger sister Yukiko confronts Sai about it and ends up speaking out of turn in a way that really impacts Yukiko but also angers and upsets Hiroshi, would lays some possible foundations for him wanting to at least smack Sai about the whole thing. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode #06"

Sai's life is one that's certainly rife with problems, though a lot of it seems to be purely magnetic in a sense as his future as the Demon King really has many things drawn to him. The acquisition of a dragon in the last episode is particularly priceless as I like that he's managed to get something so insane that it really does make his life even harder. That was already a difficult thing to do considering what's gone on so far, but outside of people who love danger, how many are going to get close to someone who has a dragon? The show takes an odd turn here in the middle as it shifts to a seaside school for the duration, though Sai is only able to go because Korone manages to arrange things so that she takes personal responsibility for him. There's something going on with those in power that are watching him through her and they're intent on using her to monitor him properly for their own purposes. The entire beach thing is just a huge amount of fanservice. There's breasts everywhere, lots of flouncing and bouncing going on and there's even Korone doing her best to get Sai aroused for Junko so that they can handle everything. There's even a highly amusing perverted scene involving a lot of hand motions that causes a lot of liquid to spurt out from what is easily described as a free standing tentacle that goes all over Junko. Sea cucumber indeed... There's no subtlety here in the slightest and I have to admit that I'm enjoying that part. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Episode 5"

The fifth episode of the series continues on with the arc that we saw starting in the previous episode which had Akuto, as part of the disciplinary council, being sent out to figure out what's hurting all the students that went off in search of the treasure. With the map having become his responsibility, even though Keena was the one who plastered it all over the campus, he has to clean it up and a few others have come along with him. Fujiko isn't there at the start though she's watching his each and every move while being frustrated by her older brother who recollects things when he "sees" them but proves to be fairly useless to her overall. Sai's life is definitely one that's not easy but I love the way his personality alternates between frustrated and uncertain to commanding and completely in control. You can continue to see the demon lord side of himself emerging and he's being thrust into more and more situations that cause him to take on the role. This episode goes a long way toward establishing that even more as the path that everyone takes in the search for what's harming the student leads them to the bottom level of the base of the former demon lord, something that the student president has been watching over for the government. The lead-up to that is pretty fun as they do it as a scavenger hunt of sorts where Sai and the others are finding more clues to understanding what the treasure map is all about. Read More Click Me!

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Episode 4"

While the show has been generally nicely episodic so far, this time around we start what's potentially a larger storyline as it expands at least into a second episode. There've been hints of something larger going on since Fujiko started having her back story expanded where we see the head of her brother being animated as she wants to figure out what happened to him when he died that ended up bringing shame on the family. That storyline gets taken up a notch in this episode as we see a bit more of what happened way back when and how those who were investigating his death ended up trying to use his memories to see the truth of the matter. The silly side of the show is still fully apparent though as Sai continues to find himself grappling with his powers. There's an amusing outdoor activity where the students basically toss around little balls of energy toward each other that's supposed to be harmless. Teamed up with Junko, Sai's little ball of energy ends up cratering the entire field and sending a shocked and unconscious Junko to the nurses office. His powers and the reactions of everyone that come into contact with him are very amusing to watch, especially since he wants to be liked and to be friends with everyone. His future position as the demon lord, which will likely be very different from what people perceive it to be, continues to thrust him into awkward and lonely situations. And in all honesty, Hiroshi isn't exactly what most people would consider a friend when you realize how he regularly makes situations worse. Read More Read More

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Episode 3"

With the third episode of the series, this show is really cementing itself as a guilty pleasure for me. There is a whole lot of overt fan service, big moments and harem aspects that I know I shouldn't like, but everything comes together in a way where it just feels fun and silly while still having an edge of a story to it that I want to see play out. Sometimes there are shows that come along that takes all the traditional elements and puts it together in a way to make it work, while the same things elsewhere would lead to disaster. So far, with just three episodes, this series has made me smile and laugh a lot even though it's pretty apparent what it wants to do. This episode focuses a bit on Fujiko as we see her past when she lost her brother, something that set her on a slightly darker path than she might have originally been on. In the present, she's still working to take down Junko and is intending to use Akuto to do just that. In an obvious ploy, she sets up a situation in which Akuto will have to defend himself with a gun that has magic pellets in it and she then arranges to have Junko come across him. Akuto is all intent on seeing Fujiko but instead lands into a trap with a bunch of male students who want to kick his ass now that he's become a part of the Disciplinary Group. Everyone sees everything that he does through a filter of evil so this new membership is just another step on his path to world domination. Read More Click Me!