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Oddball Pairings We'd Like to See on Iconoclasts

How to add some spice to the Sundance Channel's interview show? Put two mortal enemies together and watch the sparks fly. Variety reports today that the Sundance Channel's interview series Iconoclasts, which pairs one famous and (supposedly) interesting person up with another famous and (hopefully!) interesting person so they'll talk to each other and explore ideas and stuff, has been renewed for a fifth season. The show has already sported some odd but inspired duets. Dave Chappelle talked race, struggle, and comedy with Maya Angelou. Madeline Albright sat down with Ashley Judd to... um... school her in actual double jeopardy laws? We're actually not sure about that one. Anyway! With a fifth season coming down the pipeline, the time is now to start planning those potentially awkward, potentially awesome couplings. Who would you like to see together? We're thinking maybe Elizabeth Gilbert, rich lady adventurer turned best-selling "Eat Pray Love" authoress turned Oprah-endorsed lifestyle guru, and maybe someone a bit more... cynical. Perhaps Bill "War on Christmas" O'Reilly with faithless archnemesis Christopher Hitchens? Or what about snark-addled, eternally skeptical Janeane Garofalo? Not that we're actively hoping for discord on the show. It's just that it could be interesting to see people with opposing ideologies come together to talk turkey and, hopefully, find some common ground. That said, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins tag-teaming Elisabeth Hasselbeck is totally a lock for this season, right Sundance? Source: