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'If You Really Knew Me' review: Life is hard, happiness is possible, but elusive

The determined uplift of If You Really Knew Me was compelling in a different way. The series is filmed in coordination with Challenge Day, a social program in which trained leaders visit high schools and, in one intensive day, try to break down the cliques and emotional barriers that keep students from getting to know each other. Again, it would be easy to be cynical about this show: Once the group-therapy sessions begin, the tears flow easily. I've heard everyone always cries, one girl said before the session and then later, sure enough, she and everyone around her was pretty teary as they owned up to their deep-rooted feelings and prejudices. Jocks and nerds, straight and gay, black and white - If You Really Knew Me tackles conflicts big and small by breaking down everyone's defenses quickly. To Read More Click Here .