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Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Season 1 Review

Back when Geneon licensed and release Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens, the series got a lot of grief from a vocal segment of fandom for its overt sexuality and amount of fanservice combined with violence. I haven't seen that season since it first came out but I have fond memories of it because it was so brutally honest about what it wanted to be and reveled in it. Four years after that season, a second season was kicked off with Dragon Destiny which was then followed by another season called Great Guardians. The first season must have done well enough for Media Blasters to pick this up and to dub it since they've seen the numbers for it and that means we get more sexy violence with high school kids imbued with the spirit of ancient generals and warriors. Dragon Destiny doesn't do all that much to reconnect the viewer to the series in the four years since the first and that's a little refreshing, if a bit confusing. While the first season seemed to focus primarily on Hakufu and her ascent into the school she's in, this one seems to focus more on Gentoku at first from the Seito Academy. Gentoku really isn't interested in any of this stuff as she just wants to read her books and lead her life, but she's in the position of having a dragon inside her that others want to either unleash or conquer. Because of her position, she's regularly guarded by Kan'u and Chouhi as they've sworn to protect her at all costs, though Kan'u is secretly waiting and hoping that Gentoku will awaken the dragon inside and take her proper position. To Read More Click Me!

Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor Anime Announced for 2010 AnimeReel Preview

You knew it had to happen, and it's indeed here. The fourth installment of boobs-'n'-brawls anime Ikki Tousen was officially announced today, with a preview site now live. Titled Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor, the anime promises to introduce many characters from the manga never before seen in the previous anime seasons. The big attraction this season is Bachou (AKA Ma Chao), who will be voiced by Endou Aya (Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier) and, presumably, will spend a lot of her time having her clothes blown off in fan servicey fights. There will also be a special Episode 0 preview DVD available at Comic Market. Ikki Tousen XX follows Dragon Destiny and Great Guardians in the Ikki Tousen tradition, which involves incredibly loose interpretations of characters from the Chinese epic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and a whole lot of large-breasted high school girls getting into fights with each other to see who's the strongest. Read the full article and more anime news at AnimeReel SideReel's anime site