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Impastor Premiere Recap: Lukewarm Pursuit

Its too bad Buddy Dobbs isnt really a man of God, because itll take a miracle well, anothermiracle to get him out of his latest bind. Wednesdays Impastor premiere picked up seconds after last years finale, with Buddy being hauled off by Detectives Dumb and Dumber Lovello and Hyde. A near-fatal shootout with Damien [] //

Impastor Season Finale Recap: Exodus Strategy

All I can say is: Thank God or whoevers looking out for Buddy that Impastor is getting a second season, because Im dying to see how Michael Rosenbaums con-man character recovers from Wednesdays finale. Buddys initial exit strategy was simple: Clean out Barlows bank accounts, pack up a fewnecessities and haul ass for [] //