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Preview of Episode 1.5 "Shepfather"

Canceled, then bumped. That seems to be the fate of rookie ABC comedy In the Motherhood. After announcing that it won't be renewing the web-inspired series, it has pushed the burning off of return of In the Motherhood to tonight. Its three-week run was originally slated to kick off June 5 Friday, but instead will start tonight at 8:30pm. Back-to-back repeats of Samantha Who? will fill its original Friday timeslot, while new episodes of the Cristina Applegate-led comedy will serve as its lead in. On tonight's episode, Jane (Cheryl Hines) starts to feel inadequate as a parent when her boyfriend (that would be Shep) quickly bonds with Horatio (Horatio Sanz) and the kids; Emily (Jessica St. Clair) loses her status as head car pool driver to another neighbor. She is also mentored by Rosemary (Megan Mullally) in the so-called art of getting even. Last we left In the Motherhood, a "terminally klutzy" Jane rejoined the office kickball team to keep his daughter Annie from quitting karate class. Elsewhere, Emily and Jason became increasingly concerned when Bill's imaginary friend starts acting malicious, and Rosemary brandished her unorthodox baby-whispering skills as she ran a coffee shop parenting seminar. In the Motherhood also stars RonReaco Lee as Jason. Guest stars include Charlotte Foley as Annie, Sayeed Shahidi as Bill, Ken Marino as Shep, Liz Cackowski as Gretchen and Alex Enriquez as waiter. The ratings of the rookie comedy, inspired by three women who represent real-life everyday moms, has been less than stellar, with 4.6 mil tuning in for its pilot on late March as a midseason replacement. Catch "Shepfather" tonight 8:30pm on ABC. Source Here

TV Graveyard: ABC - Featured

ABC has had a lot of casualties this TV season, starting with their triple-axing of Pushing Daisies , Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money . However, this is old news at this point, so instead we are focusing on all of ABC's more recent cancellations: In the Motherhood - I'm not going to lie, I never even gave this Megan Mullally/Cheryl Hines comedy a shot, as it never struck me as all that funny. And apparently the viewers didn't embrace it either, as it flopped during its brief Thursday night stint. 4 episodes aired. Cupid - Cancel me once, shame on you. Cancel me twice? Yeah, they never should have attempted to resurrect Cupid . It's permanent home was in the brilliant-but-canceled bin (as the version in 1999 headlined by Jeremy Piven meets this description). This version, although I agree there has been worse TV, was just a bad idea from the get-go. 6 episodes aired. The Unusuals - This quirky cop procedural definitely had potential, but with the popularity of the now-renewed quirky cop procedural Castle ...guess it wasn't unusual enough (or garnered the necessary ratings) for ABC to keep around. Remaining episodes still airing. According to Jim - Longtime choice of many TV critics as the most hated show on TV (and not because it is necessarily the worst, but because it is pretty darn close, yet managed to survive for 8 seasons), Jim is finally saying goodbye. Yes, I cannot believe it either, but 8 seasons aired. Samantha Who? - Quirky Christina Applegate memory-loss comedy, Samantha Who's cancellation was somewhat of a surprise. ABC definitely liked the show, but the numbers just weren't there to renew it for another season. 2 seasons aired. Surviving Suburbia - It is unclear if this show is officially dead yet or not, but it should be, and likely will be soon. Remaining episodes begin airing this week. Which ABC cancellation - recent or earlier in the year - has upset you the most? Are you the one person that will miss According to Jim ?

Nets pull shows sooner than expected - Featured

From Variety: ABC and NBC got impatient Tuesday, yanking already tossed-aside series Samantha Who? , In the Motherhood and Kings sooner than expected. Alphabet net had already shortened the runs of "Motherhood" and "Samantha" by a week, opting to bring Ugly Betty back to the Thursday at 8 p.m. slot on April 30. But "Motherhood" and "Samantha" were still slated to air one last episode this week - until ABC execs decided that they'd be better off with a repeat of Grey's Anatomy leading into an original "Grey's" at 9 p.m. Having been in repeats for a few weeks, "Grey's" might have been hurt further by the weak numbers coming from "Motherhood" and "Samantha." That means last week's "Motherhood" and "Samantha" segs wound up being the last of the season for both shows. "Motherhood" isn't expected to return, but "Samantha" still has a decent shot at returning for a third season. Seven episodes remain of this year's "Samantha" order; those could either fold into next year's order, or run this summer - should the show not make it on the fall sked. Over at NBC, Peacock has opted to push the remaining seven segs of Kings to the summer. The show will now air on Saturdays at 8 p.m. from June 13 to July 25. In the meantime, NBC will now air repeats of "Law & Order: SVU" at 8 p.m., followed by repeats of Southland at 9 p.m., on Saturdays. "Law & Order" repeats will then run at 10 p.m. That setup will last through May 16; "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" repeats will then run at 8 p.m. on May 23 and 30. The "SVU" - "Southland" pairing is seen as a trial run for next fall; NBC could very well run the two gritty dramas together on Wednesdays.

'Ugly Betty' Returns a Week Earlier - Featured

Through the press release issued for the next episode of " Ugly Betty ", it is known that the comedy series will be back earlier than expected. The show which had been shelved for weeks since mid-March to give room for " Samantha Who? " and " In the Motherhood ", will now reclaim its spot on April 30. It is a one week advance because initially "Ugly Betty" was scheduled to return May 7. On the episode called "Rabbit Test", the Suarez family gets an invitation to meet Matt's famed billionaire dad, Calvin Hartley (guest star David Rasche), at his legendary Easter Egg hunt. While Betty sees this as a chance to get closer to Matt, Daniel seizes the opportunity to get Mode a bailout. Meanwhile Wilhelmina suspects that little William might not be her biological son. There has not been any news to how the half-hour shows, "Samantha" and "Motherhood", will continue. ABC however, has arranged " Grey's Anatomy " to take the May 7 slot for its 100th episode where Meredith and Derek nuptials takes place. Source Here Related Stories: 'Ugly Betty' Exclusive: Henry's Back! ABC Hands Out Early Pickups

ABC Embraces Less Motherhood - Featured

In the Motherhood is going back on the shelf - most of it anyway. ABC will only air six of the originally ordered 13 episodes of the midseason sitcom, Variety reports. The decision was made after honchos looked at a calendar and realized there wasn't room for all 13 episodes. Motherhood, adapted from the Internet series, premiered Thursday to a lukewarm 6.7 million viewers and poor reviews. The series, starring Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullally and Jessica St. Clair as they tackle the ups and downs of motherhood, is airing in Ugly Betty's usual slot. Betty returns to airwaves May 7. Source here

Ratings: How Did Samantha Who Do?

Thursday's ratings rundown: 8 pm/ET American Idol played to a special Thursday audience of 22.35 million total viewers, down 650K from last week's results show. CBS' NCAA tourney coverage placed second in every prime-time hour, averaging 10.12 million viewers across the night. ABC's brand-new In the Motherhood (6.72 mil) and returning Samantha Who? (6.53 mil, down 270 thou from Dec. 1, its last fresh outing) combined for third, but averaged 13 percent less than Ugly Betty 's most recent numbers. Trailing NBC's pairing of Earl (5.87 mil) with an Office repeat, Smallville scored 3.74 mil, surging 14 percent week-to-week. 9 pm Grey's Anatomy enjoyed CSI 's latest bye, topping the hour with 15.8 million viewers, up 10 percent. Hell's Kitchen nipped at basketball's heels, placing third with 10.95 mil. Both NBC's The Office (8.45 mil, +500K) and 30 Rock (7.17 mil, +150K) saw gains, while Supernatural (3.17 mil) was flat. 10 pm With CBS' Eleventh Hour still shot-clock-blocked, Private Practice again claimed No. 1 with an audience of 10.48 mil, up 470 thou. ER gained 700K but still trailed hoops, delivering 10.16 mil. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, March 26, 2009 - Featured

* American Idol (8 pm/ET Fox) Which singers have a mojo for Motown? Our toned-up and tuned-in Top 10 mowed down Motown last night, singing classic R&B staples in a tribute to "50 Years of Motown." But America has the final say, the votes are tallied, and the contestants will discover who goes and who stays (but probably after an irritatingly placed commercial) in tonight's supplemental results show. The Motown theme will continue with genre giant Smokey Robinson performing, and past Idol winner Ruben Studdard rendering his single "Together." * NCAA Basketball Tournament (7 pm/ET CBS) Cinderella got trampled on her way to the Sweet 16. With the top four seeds making the East Regional semifinals, and the top three and Purdue (the No. 5 Boilermakers beat No. 4 Washington on Saturday) the entrants in the West, fans at tonight's games won't have any legitimate underdogs to support. There are three Big East powerhouses taking the court this evening: Pittsburgh, Connecticut and Villanova. * 30 Rock (9:30 pm/ET NBC) When the going gets tough, the tough get...sentimental? Precious feelings of nostalgia hit some rough and tough men tonight. First it's corporate strongman Jack turning warm and fuzzy. As his 50th birthday approaches, he sets out to re-create happy moments from his bygone boyhood after watching old reels of home movies. Then there's eccentrically acerbic Tracy, who focuses on finally fulfilling a childhood dream. Also in the mix: Liz's boorish ex-flame Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters). This Dennis is a menace. He returns to confess about an addiction, but the admission only stirs up catty friction between Liz and Jenna. * Super Botox Me (9 pm/ET BBC AMERICA) If you've ever considered going under the knife to improve your appearance, watch this documentary first. It follows British journalist and human guinea pig Kate Spicer as she embarks on a very personal investigation of plastic surgery. Having attempted extreme dieting for the 2006 doc Super Skinny Me, she's now testing some of the latest (and craziest) cosmetic procedures available in the U.S. and Britain, from stem-cell fat transfers to bull-semen hair treatment. Ummm, no thank you! * In the Motherhood (8 pm/ET ABC) If you've ever watched a sitcom and lamented, "This would never happen in real life," then ITM could alter that perception. Art imitates life in this new show, which is based on a Web series inspired by true stories from actual mothers. In this version, the small-screen alter egos are Jane (Cheryl Hines), Rosemary (Megan Mullally) and Emily (Jessica St. Clair), and in tonight's premiere, Jane reenters the dating pool, while Emily's attempt to be honest with her young son backfires. * Live from Lincoln Center (8 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)) The series' 34th season kicks off with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra who, fresh from a national tour, showcase their chops on such road-tested favorites as "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "St. James Infirmary." The set also includes classics by the likes of Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Mingus and a few of their own compositions, too. Source here

Watch a sneak peek of the new ABC show IN THE MOTHERHOOD episode 1 ''It Takes a Village Idiot''

In the Motherhood stars Cheryl Hines as Jane, Jessica St. Clair as Emily, Horatio Sanz as Horatio, RonReaco Lee as Jason and Megan Mullally as Rosemary. Airing this THURSDAY, MARCH 26 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

ABC Scheduling: Samantha, Scrubs, Better Off Ted and More - Featured

ABC has announced some changes to their schedule including a return date for the recently displaced Samantha Who? . Samantha Who? will be moving away from its former Monday night home over to Thursdays at 8 beginning March 26. Also on that day, new comedy In the Motherhood will debut at 8:30. Motherhood stars Cheryl Hines ( Curb Your Enthusiasm ) and Megan Mullally ( Will & Grace ). Fear not, Ugly Betty will return to its Thursday at 8 slot after these comedies finish up their runs. Also finding a home is new comedy Better Off Ted with Jay Harrington (Dr. Wyatt on Private Practice ) and Portia di Rossi ( Arrested Development ). Ted will premiere on Wednesday March 18 at 8:30PM. Better Off Ted centers around a man who runs a research and development department at a morally questionable corporation, Veridian Technologies. Check out a trailer . Ted's lead-in will be Scrubs , which ABC is moving to Wednesdays at 8 beginning on the 18th as well. Source: Variety .