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Intervention Season 9 Episode 10 "Gabe V." Review

This season of Intervention has been absolutely intense with stories that have surely touched many viewers on a personal level. And this episode that focuses on an addict named Gabe is no different. Gabe is an alcoholic. At first I was somewhat disappointed that this episode was switched back from two stories rather then one. I really enjoyed how A&E decided to mix it up and grab the appeal to every viewer but it made me think that Gabe might just have one of those stories that needed the entire hour time frame. And I was right. Gabe is a rockstar. And well what comes with being a rockstar? Drugs, Booze and Rock and Roll. But Gabe is a full born alcoholic and excessive is to say the least. We watched how boozed up he became from morning to night and it looked like there wasn't too much of a chance he wouldn't relapse. The update proved that it might be harder to quit then anyone thought. But who knows where the road will take him. Regardless it was an entertaining and emotional episode.

Intervention Season 9 Episode 10 "Gabe" Preview

Tonight is a new Intervention and unlike the past previous two weeks, the show goes back to focusing on only one addict rather then two. And I must say I might be a little bit disappointed. But then again the story tonight about Gabe might be so emotional they needed the hour spot. You can check out the preview for tonight's episode at the following link: Gabe is a rockstar and an alcoholic. And the trailer looks like one I would not want to miss. Tonight on Intervention .

Intervention Season 9 Episode 9 "Ryan; Jason" Review

Tonight was yet another episode that showcased not one but two stories of addicts. Last week I commented on how I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that A&E decided to focus and split the episode into two rather then an hour on one person. This definitely created an episode for the likes of any viewer. Whether you relate to alcoholic or whether you prefer to watch drug addiction. Tonight was intense, right off the bat I predicted that this episode might just be one of those you will be talking about for a few days. Or so glad that no one you know close to you is in the same boat, and I was right. I especially liked the story about Ryan that is a heroin and Xantax abuser. His grandma was showcased a lot and you see how he constantly abuses his relationship to her to benefit his addiction. Truly a sad story. This show has won awards and even Emmy nominations and that speaks volumes. Tonight proved that it deserves all the recognition. Shows like Intervention allow us viewers to watch real tv rather then fiction and that is why it becomes so addicting in itself. 5 stars for tonight's episode!

Intervention Season 9 Episode 9 "Ryan;Jason" Preview

This season has been amazing and only last week did the show start doing a dual story set per episode and I was estatic! Not only do you get to see one story but two, so it really caters to every viewer. You can check out the two story preview tonight on the A&E website. The episode will be starring Ryan and Jason. It will showcase the Heroine and Xanax addiction and not only that but it is the season finale! So you can expect this one of Intervention , to be a do not miss!

Intervention Season 9 Episode 8 "John; Dominicio" Review

This episode was a real treat and I hope that A&E decides to do dual story lines in the future because it really catered to every viewer out there. And it created a different dynamic for the show all together. Th first story focused on a guy named John. Who is a flight attendant who loves his job, but his lifestyle is fueling with alcoholism. Alcoholic stories are always interesting to watch because it is such a common addiction that many people suffer from or knows someone who is suffering from it. Meanwhile, growing up with an abusive mother, Dionicio turned to crime and drugs as a teen. Now he spends his time panhandling and shooting heroin. This created a good show for any parent with adolescent children. Your greatest fear for your teen was showcased with Dionicio. I give this episode a solid 5 out of 5 and would recommend any fan of this show to check it out!

Intervention Season 9 Episode 8 "John; Diminico" Preview

Tomorrow night's episode of Intervention looks like it will be quite the emotional rollercoster. You can check out the sneak peek video for this episode at the following link: . The episode will focus on John and Dominicio. So you can expect two great stories from two differnt addicts. All tomorrow night!

Intervention Season 9 Episode 7 "Joe" Review

I think that this episode tonight of Intervention would have to be one of my favorite story lines this entire season. Just because Joe was so far into his addiction that their famillies feared for his life. Some addictions that are showcased on this show can be milder cases but this one is far from it. Joe is a heroine addict. And when it comes to getting his drug there is no limits. He was very resistent tonight into accepting help from his family and friends. And it looks like even the treatment was unable to help him on an end of the episode update. This show does an amazing job of showing the effect drugs or any addiction for that matter can do to someone and the people in their lives. And there is no doubt that it is Emmy Award Winning. But sometimes I ask myself just how do these addicts not know they are on this show, especially with the cameras and so forth. Some guess it but not all. It is just a thought, but none the less it is an amazing show.

Intervention Season 9 Episode 7 "Joe" Preview

This season has brought a lot of diverse stories on individuals with severe addictions and tonight will definitely be no different as we look into to story about Joe on tonight's Intervention . Joe is a severe heroine addict and has gone past saving himself. His family will try to get him some help but he looks like the type that will reject it. You can check out the sneak peek video for tonight's show at: .

Intervention Season 9 Episode 6 "Lorna" Review

On this episode of Intervention the story focuses on a mother of three grown children that is highly addicted to crack. Lorna has been addicted to crack for more then 30 years. I found this episode and story to be highly entertaining to watch. Lorna used to be in the entertainment industry about 30 years ago and started as a dancer on the popular dance show in the 70's Soul Train. I have yet to come across someone on this show that is so far from reality when it comes to their addiction. Lorna thinks she isn't doing crack, she is just smoking. She was a crack user when she was pregnant with her youngest son, and as an infant he screamed for months due to the withdraw. It is a story where you really have no confidence that this person will get better. It has been their lifestyle for so many years and they are so unaware of their problem. A great epsiode of Intervention.

Intervention Season 9 Episode 6 "Lorna" Preview

The stories this season have been diverse and emotional. And tonight will be no different on this new episode of Intervention . The focus will be on a girl named Lorna. She was an ex dancer and now fully addicted to crack. The promo video for this upcoming episode can be found on the A&E as well as the Fox website. This will definitely be one you won't want to miss. Great for both male and female audiences.