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After a bumpy premiere, Into the Badlands' second episode started to build on some of the less interesting subplots in new and dramatic ways -- particularly Sunny's subplot, as his loyalty to Quinn faltered even more. Granted, nothing about the overarching storyline has really hooked me yet -- which is problematic since the series has only been picked up for six episodes so far -- but at least "Fist Like a Bullet" offered a good balance of action and drama. For example, M.K.'s storyline gave us a better sense of how the other half lived, as he arrived at the Widow's estate. I mean, yes, the romantic tension between M.K. and the Widow's daughter Tilda (Parenthood's Ally Ioannides) was riddled with super cheesy lines like, "Mother said I couldn't let you out of my sight." It also seemed a bit lazy to have M.K. be the audience surrogate again, after being our eyes and ears the first time around at the Fort. That said, it was cool to see both the Widow and Tilda hold their own in combat -- especially the Widow's skirmish at the bar. READ MORE...

'Into The Badlands' recap: 'Fist Like a Bullet'

Sunny's allegiance to Quinn is tested while M.K. has a run-in with the Widow.   Read Morel... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/QptCfIrRvRk/into-the-badlands-season-1-episode-2