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episode 3 review

This episode was not my favorite since not much was going on, also shippo can be very annoying... In this episode shippo meets other fox demons at a shrine where they are currently taking exams that will rank their fox demon power. As usual shippo gets carried away with defeating Inuyasha and moving his rank up to number one. I have to admit though, some parts were kind of funny. What interested me the most was towards the end of this episode when the sword guy (the one who repaired Inuyasha's sword when it cracked in an eariler season). came to help sesshomaru transform his sword's power into one that could kill his eniemies by opening up a portal to the underworld instead of bringing people back from the dead (I'm not quiet sure if he can still bring people back from the dead or not.. I'm assuming his sword has just aquired a new power and is closer or is at full potential now, allowing him to use both powers.) anyway at the end of this episode after Sesshomaru masters the new power of his sword (which his does with one one swing) a bunch of petals start blowing around in the air in the meadow he was standing in practing his power. I think this makes referrence to Kagura because when she died white or pink petals started blowing through the air. At this point we can tell sesshomaru is still very upset and possibly infurated by Kagura's death (which leads me to believe he had some form of attachment emotionaly to her, I'm just going to assume he likes her.) because he goes back to something Morymaru said in the episode where Kaugra dies (episode 2.) If you remember correctly as sesshomaru fights a losing battle to morymaru, morymaru tells sesshomaru how Kagura betrayed Naraku and that she died in vain for her freedom. well, this is the scene sesshomaru is replaying in his head at the end of the episode. (getting back to the petals in the meadow) sesshomaru stands there and mumbles to himself "I'll be the one to decide if she died in vain." and then the episode ends. (from what I get out of this, sesshomaru is going to avenge Kagura with his sword by sending morymaru back to the underworld. But what fascinates me so much by this is that sesshomaru shows this huge passion for Kagaru now, that I never saw before... either I never noticed that he actually cared for Kagura or he's suddenly showing this big interest in her now that she's dead. I had always gotten a feeling that Kagura liked sesshomaru ever since they had met, but I never Really thought that sesshomaru had any interest at all. So this episode was just kind of shocking to me in that sense. The end of this episode was definetly something special and I'm looking foraward to the next couple of episodes and seeing if any of this new found rage inside of sesshomaru is explained....

Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 25 - Review: "Todokanu Omoi"

Thoughts Fall Short... I can think of no better summary for this entire series. The thoughts certainly fell short building the climax of this series. Only one episode remains, but the story has no tension behind it. After a brief battle with Naraku, he dies but makes a final wish upon the Jewel. This wish sucks Kagome into the Path to the Underworld and removes the Bone Eater's Well, severing the link between past and present. Inu Yasha does the sensible thing and opens his own path to the Underworld to find her. The bulk of the episode is a bland look into what Kagaome's life would be if she never came to the Feudal Era. Apparently, this is the wish the Jewel wants her to make, or is it? Inu Yasha learns from some demons that the Jewel has trapped her inside it. She will fight the demons until someone else uses the Jewel for evil. Anyone else confused by the lack of the "Good Spirit" mentioned a few episodes prior in all of this? There were times the series had interesting plot points and character growth. However, it rarely capitalized on these opportunities, and now we are just listlessly trudging towards an ending Source Here

Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 24 - Review: "Naraku's Uncertain Wish"

You have heard this numerous times over my reviews of this series, but this is the last airing of this grievance. The series simply cannot find a way to build off the momentum of a solid episode. Coming off emotional decisions for Sango and Miroku, most of this episode is devoted to bantering and posturing by both sides. I can understand the need to assemble the entire cast for the final two episodes, but it is done in a manner that takes all the steam built up from the previous episode. A number of convenient devices come into play allowing all of them to soldier on for the finale. Naraku has one last trick up his sleeve but seems content to continue toying with everyone. Read More Click Me!

Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Harakus: Trap Of Light"

One item this episode makes clear is what relationship the series has actually developed depth. It is not Inu Yasha and Kagome being tested by Naraku; their relationship has always been a matter of circling about Kikyo until they meet. Miroku and Sango are the ones that have grown into characters you actively care about. Magatsuhi is dead by Sesshomaru's hands, which has two side effects. Kagome's spiritual power is unsealed, and this in turn somehow reactivates a tiny LED in the Shikon Jewel. This ray of hope is turned into two deadly traps by Naraku. First, he leads Miroku to an illusion of a final confrontation; will Miroku sacrifice his life and open the Wind Tunnel one more time? Read More Click Me!

Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 22 - Review: "Naraku - Trap of Darkness"

With the climax of the series rapidly approaching, one would think the battles inside Naraku would be building in intensity. However, there is only one sequence with any real weight to it, and this happens early in the episode. Our heroes have been scattered throughout the black innards of Naraku and face their own deadly challenges. Naraku treats Miroku and Sango to a glimpse of what will happen to Miroku if his wind tunnel is not closed. This disturbs Sango enough to distract her from an attack, one only stopped by Miroku's wind tunnel. This tears it open even further, and Miroku realizes that this is where he and Sango must part. He cannot risk having his tunnel consume her as well. Read More Click Me!

InuYasha: The Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 21 - Review: ''Inside Naraku"

Despite living in the past, Kagome has actually managed to graduate from middle school and be accepted into a high school. However, she has no time to celebrate; it is right back into the feudal era and the fight with Naraku. Naraku has used the completely defiled Shikon Jewel and has grown into a giant spider. Sesshomaru is drawn into the spider's web and body to save Rin. Shippo and Kohaku are left behind, as Inu Yasha and the rest of our heroes follow Sesshomaru into the literal bowels of Naraku. Inu Yasha and Kagome are quickly separated, and worse, approaching the defiled Jewel has unleashed the demon within Inu Yasha. We end with Inu Yasha pushing Kagome into the abyss; unfortunate that they ended this way, as they just used this cliff hanger on Kohaku. Overall, there is little to say about this episode; it is a brief bit of action and exposition meant to setup the final hurdles to overcome before finally facing and defeating Naraku. Hopefully, they will find a way to heat the story up and have it approaching white hot when the final confrontation is finally upon us. Source Here

Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "When The Jewel Is Whole"

This is a difficult episode to review; typically, an episode of Inu Yasha will either entertain me or frustrate me. This episode managed to do both by providing a solid story that involved all the characters but robs genuine emotion from it at the end. We begin with Kohaku plunging to the bottom of a ravine; this forces Magatsuhi out of his body just in time for Sesshomaru to slice him into ethereal bits. However, this does not unlock Kagome's power; Magatsuhi left a bit of his essence in the poison coursing through Miroku. Using this, Magatsuhi uses Rin as his new host. Sesshomaru chases after her leaving the rest of the group to fight Naraku for possession of Kohaku's shard. What follows is a well choreographed battle where everyone is working together and thinking fast. Read More Click Me!

Inu Yasha: Final Act Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Kohaku's Shard

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) The episode opens with a brief and unsuccessful attempt at humor; Inu Yasha swatting a bug with the Wind Scar makes little sense and just is not funny. However, the remainder of the episode begins to heat up the actual plot as it draws close to its conclusion. Byakuya lures Sesshomaru away from an unconscious Kohaku with a fragment of Magatsuhi's previous body. This diversion gives Magatsuhi enough time to possess Kohaku. Miroku and Sango attempt to stop the body snatching but are both gravely wounded. Miroku is close to death, either by the poison near his chest or from the new tear in his Wind Tunnel. Magatsuhi feels victory and a complete Shikon Jewel are near, but Sango appeals to Kohaku to wake up and regain control over his body. Something in Kohaku's soul, aided by left over Kikyo magic, realizes that there is one last chance for him to redeem his past sins and defeat Naraku. He leaps to his death using the remaining essence of Kikyo to help him drive out Magatsuhi. The emotional moments here are familiar elements of the story, but they serve well enough here to start building up some heat behind the story. We are nearing the conclusion, and this is the sort of material needed. Eighteen episodes have passed and have provided little reason to anticipate the final showdown. This is a key turning point, one that finally begins building that anticipation. Source Here

Inu Yasha: Final Act Season 1 Episode 18 Review: The Day of Days

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) After their battle with Magatsuhi, Kagome finds her powers sealed away preventing her from purifying Kohaku's shard. Only Sesshomaru's Tenseiga can kill Magatsuhi thus breaking the seal. However, none of that is important now as it is time for Kagome to take the high school entrance exam. While this sounds like a banal plot, it gives the episode room to quietly develop Inu Yasha and Kagome's relationship. Alone in her house, the pair have a remarkably adult conversation where they express their current desires. Kagome wishes to be stronger and help defeat Naraku; Inu Yasha responds that if that is her wish, he will protect her with his life. They move in for the kiss...and are predictably interrupted by her little brother charging into the room. If this had come much earlier in the series, it would have been a decent plot turn, but so close to the end, we really do not need to tease and prolong things further. Does she pass her exam? We will likely never know, but it was an enjoyable diversion from the standard routine of monster hunting. To Read More Click Me!

Inu Yasha Final Act Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Magatsuhi's Evil Will

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) When we last left Kagome, she was wondering who had sealed her true power. The answer is another convenient plot device pulled out of the same left field housing her secret childhood ability. Kaede blithely states that we all know the Sacred Jewel houses a good spirit and an evil spirit. Come again? I cannot recall any point in the series where this nugget of information was revealed. Naraku offers his body to the evil spirit, apparently formed from the demons the Jewel has absorbed, as a tool for destroying those that would purify the Jewel. The demon Magatsuhi goes after Kohaku's shard and ends up fighting both Sesshomaru and Inu Yasha. However, Sesshomaru's pride takes him to the brink of death; this is not to be as it unlocks the sword Bakusaiga within him and regenerates his left arm. The new sword is able to destroy Magatsuhi's borrowed body. Other than unlocking a new sword and arm, the story serves to introduce Magatsuhi as the entity locking away Kagome's power. So, an evil spirit within the Jewel can influence the world; why then is the good spirit of the Jewel so dormant? Why has it not helped Kagome and the rest preserve its purity? I smell a convenient deus ex machine for the end game. To Read More Click Me!