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InuYasha Complete Series Now Available Online - Featured

Are you ready for InuYasha The Final Act ? If you're not, VIZ Media wants you to be - it has posted all 167 episodes of the popular anime series InuYasha to both Hulu and its site. Fans who can't wait for tomorrow's simulcast of the premiere episode of the sequel can whet their appetite for more InuYasha with a heaping spoonful of the original, and VIZ has also added a special surprise at the end of episode 167! If you watch the last episode of the first series to the end, you can see the full trailer for InuYasha The Final Act, plus a little extra promo. Stay tuned, InuYasha fans - your patience is about to be rewarded! The simulcast of the all-new series will be available on Hulu and VIZ's website on Saturday, October 3rd. Source: VIZ blog

InuYasha The Final Act Subtitled Trailer Now Available - Featured

As if anticipation for the premiere of InuYasha The Final Act couldn't get any higher, Viz Media has released a trailer for the anime through its Shonen Sunday website . The subtitled trailer includes some peeks at the new, high-quality animation and a clip of the new opening song by Do As Infinity. It also hints at how each character's story will conclude without giving much away, so if you wanted to rev your need for InuYasha to a fever pitch, there's no better way than to watch this trailer! Source: Anime News Network

InuYasha The Final Act Online Simulcast Coming Saturday - Featured

At New York Anime Fest, VIZ Media gave InuYasha fans great news - starting this Saturday, October 3rd, you will be able to watch InuYasha The Final Act streaming online via Hulu and, only a few hours after the Japanese broadcast! The stream will include English subtitles for fans who don't happen to be fluent in Japanese, and a new episode will be available every Saturday until the series finishes its run. InuYasha The Final Act is the latest major title to join the world of online simulcasting, like such popular titles as One Piece and Naruto Shippuden . The show has been long awaited since the original InuYasha series ended in 2004, and continues the story of extraordinary schoolgirl Kagome Higurashi and the half-demon InuYasha. When an enchanted well draws her into the past, Kagome finds her destiny tied to the doglike half-demon Inuyasha and a mythical gem called the "Jewel of Four Souls," of which the smallest shard can grant the user unimaginable power. Throughout their quest to restore the shattered Shikon Jewel, Inuyasha and Kagome have never faced an enemy more deadly or more cunning than the demon mastermind Naraku. With the Shikon Jewel nearly whole and in Naraku's hands, the race to collect the remaining shards intensifies and a battle of epic proportions is brewing on the horizon...

More InuYasha: The Final Act Details Revealed - Featured

InuYasha: The Final Act is just a month away, and details about it are starting to be released via advertisements and news teasers! Today, Anime News Network reported that the newly reunited Japanese band Do As Infinity will return to InuYasha to write and perform the opening song. They previously produced two ending themes for the original InuYasha series, "Fukai Mori" and "Shinjitsu no Uta". The popular band AAA, known for their Kamen Rider Den-O song "Climax Jump", will record the ending song. InuYasha: The Final Act will end the epic saga of InuYasha and Kagome, which began as a Rumiko Takahashi manga in 1996 and ended in 2008. The original TV anime ran 167 episodes from 2000 to 2004, and is currently available to watch on Hulu . The new series begins on October 3 in Japan, and has been licensed by Viz Media for American release.

InuYasha's comin Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALRIGHT PEOPLE OF INUYASHA THE DAY WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR HAS FINaLLY COME!! Production has started and they're making something TV related for InuYasha! We guess it's eaither a new series or an OVA. Let's hope it's both! C'mon InuYasha lovers our day of hope has come!!!