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Recap InuYasha Season 7, Episode 160 - The Lucky but Two-Timing Scoundrel

Kagome returns to the present and InuYasha follows her, much to her displeasure. He wrecks her bicycle. To make matters worse, her three friends are intent on meeting Inuyasha... something which Kagome anticipates will be a disaster. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap InuYasha Season 7, Episode 167 - The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! (Part 2)

Naraku lures Inuyasha and the others into the stomach of a large stone demon. He traps them there with the intent of collecting the Jewel Shard after they are dissolved by digestion. InuYasha attaches the Jewel Shard to his sword. Kagome helps him keep control of himself long enough to blast free of the demon. The series concludes with everyone promising to pursue Naraku until he is destroyed and knowing that the way to accomplish this is to destroy the child that represents his heart. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Inu Yasha - Season Set 6

This being Inu Yasha, it shouldn't come as any surprise that there's a decent amount of filler scattered around the four discs that make up this set, so let's get those out of the way first. There's a decent range of storylines covered by them, from Kagome accidentally carrying some demons from the feudal age to her school culture festival, through Shippo having to deal with the weight of expectations after his reputation as a brave fighter somehow manages to get out of hand, and some fun with invisibility that proves both useful and troublesome for Shippo and Sango. Filler episodes are always something of a mixed bag on the one hand, you can often get some really good comedy out of them, but all too often you can also find yourself wishing the series would just get on with it and get back to the main storyline. Across these ones, there's a fairly good balance struck, with no long runs of filler and short scenes with Naraku or his sidekicks often inserted into episodes just to remind us that no, he hasn't disappeared, and is actually up to something behind the scene. I've watched some truly dreadful filler over the years I've been watching Inu Yasha, and I can honestly say that this season compares quite well to some that have gone before, so while I can never get overly enthusiastic about plot-light episodes, there's not too much here to complain about. Read More Click Me!

Inuyasha The Final Act ,Review Episode 13 .

Inuyasha ,The Final Act Episode 13 – A complete Meido Continuing his search to learn the secrets of Tenseiga, Sesshomaru comes about a puppet demon, which asks him to follow him to learn the secrets. Lord Sesshomaru follows the puppet demon to a mountainous area. Inuyasha and his gang pick up the scent of Sesshomaru and senses Kohaku’s jewel as well. Sesshomaru then meets the true owner of the technique “Meido Zangatsuha”, the yokai called Shishinki, also known as the Ogre of Death. Shishinki challenges Sesshomaru to a battle, as he believes that there should be no two users of the same technique. Sesshomaru attempts to attack Shishinki with his Meido Zangatsuha. However, his Meido is incomplete, and was easily defeated by Shishinki’s complete Meido Zangatsuha, even though it was a lot smaller. Inuyasha reaches the scene and attacks Shishinki with Wind Scar. Seeing Inuyasha’s owner ship of Tetsusaiga, Shishinki reveals that Tenseiga actually does not exist with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s father before he died. Tenseiga was cast apart from Tetsusaiga, carrying the technique of Meido Zangatsuha, which Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s father failed to understand how it should be used. Knowing this, Sesshomaru is greatly hurt by his father’s cruelty towards him, and cannot understand why he has done this to him. Afterwards, the battle continues, as Sesshomaru contemplates, Shishinki sends a bunch of Meidos to attack him. Inuyasha sends an Adamant Barrage towards the Meidos, but is unable to stop it. Sesshomaru being aware of the situation; dodges the attack in the nick of time. Myoga then attempts to console Sesshomaru, by the telling him that his father entrusts the sword to him, as the attack is of a great destructive force. Sesshomaru continued to dodge and advance towards Shishinki. Finally, he used his claws and attacked the face of Shishinki, which made Shishinki mad. Shishinki then used a very powerful Meido to attack both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. In the event of facing their impending doom, both Testsusaiga and Tenseiga reacts towards each others presence. Sesshomaru feels that Tenseiga wants to fight along with Tetsusaiga, and Inuyasha encourages Sesshomaru to draw Tenseiga to see what effects it brings. Drawing Tenseiga, Sesshomaru was able to unleash a full and complete Meido Zangatsuha of considerable size. The Meido sucked in Shishinki’s Meido and Shishinki as well. Seeing the effect, Shishinki laughed and said that their father were very cruel to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru also realised his father’s intentions and warned Inuyasha that they will still have to fight in the end. So what is their father’s intention? It is for me to know, but for you to find out in the later episodes.


this is bad! i watch all the episodes! is there really only 167 episodes? if so they can make more that tells as what happened to them all. like did Inuysha and Kagome stay together or what?! anyway I LOVED THIS SHOW!

Thanks a bunch!

I used to be OBSESSED with this show, then it kind of died down. I want to say thanks to the people who put up all these episodes. I have only seen the first season and bits and pieces of episodes afterwards. THANK YOU!!!

Love this

this is so good i wish it never ended


I have to admit i did not like Inuyasha when first introduced. But over time I really began to like it. It's one of my favorite shows now and am only through the third season, and so far, it's lived up my expectations.