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Did Bobby Flay Quit Iron Chef Showdown in the Most Dramatic Fashion Ever?

It's getting heated in the kitchen and it has nothing to do with food. Bobby Flay has quit the upcoming Food Network show Iron Chef Showdown, according to Vanity Fair. And he did it...   ...Read More...

Iron Chefs Return to Legendary Kitchen Stadium for Reimagined Take on Fan-Favorite Franchise in "Iron Chef Showdown"

Hosted by the inimitable Alton Brown and set in the newly renovated Kitchen Stadium, each standalone episode pits two up-and-coming chef competitors against each other.  ...Read More...

Iron Chef Cat Cora and Her Wife Jennifer Are Divorcing

  Celebrity chef Cat Cora and her wife Jennifer are divorcing after being together for nearly 20 years. "It is with great sadness, that after 17 years, a tremendous amount of work, careful consideration and heavy hearts, my wife and I have mutually decided to no longer remain married," Cora told People ...   Read More...   //

Mario Batali: Why he left 'Iron Chef'

Mario Batali isn't exactly known for his demure language. Remember when he compared banks to Hitler and Stalin? Or when "The Chew" star responded to a Twitter critique of his food with some rather spicy language?So it's hardly surprising that Batali responded with vehemence when asked why he left his hit Food Network show "Iron Chef." While on stage at the Atlantic Food Summit, he explains that he really loved the people he worked with and cooked with on the show. He says he enjoyed getting critique from people he respected, but when food experts were replaced by actors, he left.Please be warned. This video contains strong language. Batali really, really wasn't happy with actors saying they didn't like his food, especially when they're "skinny little actresses from a show called 'The OC.'" Not bad enough? "F*** you," he says. "Why are you talking about my food?" Who let you in this room?" Well then.... //

Alton Brown Shows Kelly Ripa the Ropes of 'Iron Chef' Judging (VIDEO)

Apparently there's more to being an 'Iron Chef' judge than looking thoughtful while chewing and saying that you like, or dislike, someone's food. That's what Kelly Ripa learned Thursday on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), when 'Iron Chef America' host Alton Brown coached her on the lingo and a few rules of food judging. Rule number one? "Do not taste hungry," said Brown. "Because if you're hungry when you sit down at this table, whatever they give you first will taste the best. Make sure you snack before you come to the table." Rule number two? "Taste after everybody else tastes," said Brown. "While you're eating, the judges will be making comments that you can disagree with, and that always makes you look smarter." //