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Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Season 2 Volume 2 Soars to DVD

Marvel Animation, Vivendi Entertainment, Method Animation and DQ Entertainment will bring volume two of the second season of the hit CG-animated series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures to DVD September 25, 2012, timed to coincide with a little release called  The Avengers . Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/17/iron-man-armored-adventures-season-2-volume-2-soars-to-dvd  

Tonight's TV Hot List for Friday, April 24, 2009 - Featured

* Iron Man: Armored Adventures (7 pm/ET Nicktoons) This new cartoon based on the Marvel Comics superhero focuses on the adolescent years of Tony Stark. It tweaks some details of Iron Man's history by having Tony create his famous suit of armor and become Iron Man as a teenager, not as an adult. In the first two episodes, which air back-to-back tonight, Tony faces a personal tragedy and transforms into Iron Man for the first time. While trying to unravel some mysteries, he quickly learns there is corruption he needs to battle - as only Iron Man can. * Prison Break (8 pm/ET Fox) Hiring a sniper to shoot one of your own sons? That's mommy-dearest behavior for sure, and Christina's "security" guys will go after both Lincoln and Michael tonight. But with a handful of episodes left to go, our guys should live to fight another day. Against each other. Linc, T-Bag and Self are working for Pad Man, while Michael and Sara are not. As for Pad Man, he might be suddenly vulnerable, but that doesn't make him any less vicious. And he'll be on his way to Miami, too. * Ghost Whisperer (8 pm/ET CBS) In soap operas, people are never quite dead and characters are routinely brought back to life, so the soap actors sudsing it up in this episode should feel right at home with Whisperer's premise. Tonight a ghost haunts a soap cast that's filming scenes in Grandview. Among the guest stars appearing are soap vets Thad Luckinbill, Amelia Heinle and Lesli Kay. * Hatching Pete (8 pm/ET Disney Channel ) Disney stars Jason Dolley (Cory in the House), Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana) and Tiffany Thornton (Sonny with a Chance) team up for this good-natured comedy, in which shy, overlooked Pete Ivey (Dolley) becomes a high-school sensation when he dons a chicken costume. Pete temporarily steps in for his gregarious friend, Cleatus (Musso), as the school's official sports mascot when Cleatus suffers an allergic reaction. The fowl dress awakens a dormant, natural performer in Pete, and everyone falls in love with the Chicken. But, alas, everyone thinks Cleatus is still inside - and he's more than happy to take the credit. * Numb3rs (10 pm/ET CBS) Charlie's mathematical genius is responsible for many FBI cases being solved and for the saving of countless lives. But even a genius occasionally misses the mark. Tonight Charlie's calculations are a bit off in a case involving a series of home invasions, and they have a devastating effect. Don suffers a near-fatal attack during a raid, due in large part to his brother's error. But is Charlie to blame? Source Here