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'Ironside' series premiere: Will you keep watching Blair Underwood's return to TV?

Blair Underwood's new NBC series "Ironside" has finally premiered Wednesday night (Oct. 2). The cop drama follows the titular character, Detective Robert Ironside, as he continues to work for the police after a traumatic shooting that left him in a wheelchair. Ironside constantly bucks authority and fights crime his own way, and in the pilot he ultimately chooses to investigate a case to punish those responsible for a woman's suicide despite the fact he had realized her death wasn't a murder. It's Ironside himself who is the most interesting part of the show's pilot. It's eventually revealed that his former partner Gary Stanton (Brent Sexton) who hit Ironside with friendly fire and left him injured. Though it hasn't kept Ironside from the field, it's clear that he's dealing with some demons from that accident. Maybe that is what caused him to take such a dark turn and walk the line between being a risk-taking detective... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/10/ironside-series-premiere-will-you-keep-watching-blair-underwoods-return-to-tv.html

'Ironside': Blair Underwood is not a 21st Century Raymond Burr

You may know the name, but you don't know the man. At least not this time.After his long run on "Perry Mason," Raymond Burr established another iconic television character as Robert Ironside, the San Francisco detective chief who conducted investigations from a wheelchair. The chair remains - but virtually everything else is different, including the character's attitude and the New York locale -- as Blair Underwood updates the role and the 1967-75 series when "Ironside" returns to NBC in a new version Wednesday, Oct. 2."I'm so excited about this," says former "L.A. Law" and "Dirty Sexy Money" co-star Underwood, also a producer of the new show, toZap2it. "I get a chance to do the things I love doing ... colors and textures and tones, like the aggressive side that I've had chances to show onstage and in films but not necessarily on network television. It's nice to be able to do it on this platform, but... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/10/ironside-blair-underwood-is-not-a-21st-century-raymond-burr.html

Ironside (NBC) Interviews: What To Expect

NBC’s remake of the 1960s television series  Ironside  is ready to launch tonight. But before the premiere, the series along with its cast members and producers made the trip to the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles to present the pilot of series and take part in panel. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/10/02/ironside-nbc-interviews-what-to-expect/

Ironside (NBC) Series Premiere 2013 “Pilot”

Ironside  series premiere “Pilot” airs Wednesday, October 2nd at 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Episode Synopsis:  Ironside Episode 1 “Pilot”- After being shot in the line of duty, New York Detective Robert Ironside (Blair Underwood) swore he would never let a wheelchair slow him down. Undeterred, he drives his elite, hand-picked team, including Virgil (Pablo Schreiber), Holly (Spencer Grammer) and Teddy (Neal Bledsoe), to solve the city’s most difficult and notorious crimes. Watching over them is their boss, Capt. Ed Rollins (Kenneth Choi), who shares a mutual respect with Ironside, while Gary (Brent Sexton) is Robert’s scrappy ex-partner who marvels at his determination and ability to piece together his life after being shot. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/10/02/ironside-nbc-series-premiere-2013-pilot/