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Johnny Knoxville and Paramount Get Started On Jackass-Style Comedy, Action Park

If you loved watching Johnny Knoxville get mauled by dogs and bulls on Jackass or freak people out in Bad Grandpa, youre in luck. The studio behind those illustrious films, Dickhouse Productions, is collaborating with Paramount to produce a new Knoxville-centered flick called Action Park, according to multiple media reports. The premise is simple: Knoxville and his buddies create their own ramshackle theme park and invite unsuspecting members of the public to try it out. Pratfalls, reckless behavior and bewildered reactions from bystanders ensue. Along with starring in the film, Knoxville will write the script with John Altschuler &Dave Krinsky and produce with Billy Gerber & Derek Freda.  ...Read More... //

Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, 'Jackass' Star, Dies at 59

Bam Margera's uncle reportedly suffered from organ failure.  Read More.... //

'Jackass' Star Steve-O Arrested for Daring, Anti-SeaWorld Stunt

  Steve-O, the former Jackass and Wildboyz star who has become a known anti-SeaWorld activist, was arrested in California late Sunday night, after attempting a dangerous, attention-grabbing stunt, the Los Angeles Times reports . (He's still got it!) Scads of firefighters and police officers flocked to and closed down a busy street in West Hollywood when they caught wind of what they thought was a civilian's suicide attempt. It wasn't anything that grave, though: Steve-O had climbed atop a crane with an orca a stunt he teased the day before on social media and wanted to make a statement.   Read More... //

'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

Jackass star Ryan Dunn has died in a horrific car crash in Pennsylvania, according to a report. The daredevil, 34, found fame performing stomach-churning stunts alongside Steve-O and Johnny Knoxvi... //

Michael Trucco Goes from BSG to SVU

Starbuck's toaster of a husband is up to no good right here and now on present-day Earth. Sources tell exclusively that Michael Trucco (aka Battlestar Galactica 's Anders) has been cast in the Dec. 9 episode of NBC's Law & Order : Special Victims Unit, playing a guy who is suspected of slipping women a drug that causes them to forget everything that happens to them - to the point that they don't even realize they're victims. Appearing in the same episode will be Ryan Dunn (from Jackass ) and Kelly Hu (X-Men 2). read from: TvGuide