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'Jennifer Falls' recap: By the way, I'm married

The season finale of Jennifer Falls started out promising, but left me feeling a little cheated as Jennifer, once again, found herself on the losing end of a terrible situation. Even though Chris D’Elia’s arc as Adam had great promise, the season ended with another disappointment for Jennifer and for us. I thought they were going to make a go of it … until  that  happened. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: How can I be happy if I'm not right?

It’s hard when a super-cute charmer swoops in and starts sucking up all the attention for a job you did alone. Jennifer has to deal with Adam’s new presence in Gretchen’s life, and she is torn between being a grown-up and being a giant jerk about it. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: Get over yourself

Remember how I’ve been wishing for a love interest for Jennifer? Well,  Jennifer Falls  delivered big time with the scruffy, hipster-cute Chris D’elia as Jennifer’s ex, Adam. Jennifer comes face-to-face with her own baggage when Gretchen’s dad comes around with a big surprise. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: You have a sandwich?

We all have mommy issues, but when Jennifer sees a psychiatrist to help with hers, she quickly realizes that she’s not the only one who could benefit from a little therapy. While Jennifer is trying to cope with the stress of her family, she learns a lot about Maggie in the process. In the first moments of the episode, we see Wayne negotiating with psycho Steve over the Ragin’ Cajun wings that may or may not be on the menu. Stephanie changed the menu again without Wayne knowing it, and we see how easily he is railroaded into doing what Stephanie wants. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: I never, ever, ever want to be you, Mom

Now that Jennifer has time to notice what Gretchen is up to, she’s afraid her daughter is going to take after her and make all the same mistakes. Jennifer is determined to keep Gretchen on track, even if she has to use some dirty tactics to do it. When Jennifer finds a disciplinary notice in Gretchen’s purse for fighting, Jennifer beings to worry that all the changes they’ve faced are having a negative effect on her. Gretchen treats it like a shakedown and dials up the melodrama pretty high—threatening to pee in a jar if need be. (But who would ever need that?) Jennifer turns to Maggie for support, but Maggie doesn’t have much to add about quantity versus quality time. After all, Jennifer did turn up pregnant while Maggie was in psychology school. Jessica Walter is starting to be the TV mom we want, and she does prim disdain better than anybody else. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: Mahalo very much

It sucks to be poor. Just ask Jennifer and Gretchen as they embark on a “staycation” to their backyard Bora Bora. This week on  Jennifer Falls , Jennifer has to make good on a promise she made to Gretchen when they were rich. The only catch is, they can’t afford to go to Bora Bora anymore, so Jennifer has to work twice as hard to deliver half the goods. It’s a sight to behold. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: I only wanna be with you, and you, and you

Nobody likes a stroll down memory lane better than I do, and this week  Jennifer Falls  sweetened the pot with Steve Howey ( Shameless, Reba ) as Jennifer’s and Dina’s high school … ahem … friend. When Gretchen finds Jennifer’s yearbook tucked away in the closet (as well as evidence of Jennifer’s membership to the 420 club), the ladies start to reminisce about their high school days. Things we need to know: Jennifer had “the Rachel” haircut six months before Jennifer Aniston did, and Dina didn’t mind the short shorts as captain of the basketball team. As they look over the yearbook, Jennifer remembers Frank Perinsky (Steve Howey) as the quiet charmer she lost her virginity to the summer after sophomore year. Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' recap: Except for ...

This week’s episode of Jennifer Falls, “Triangle,” has it all — except suitable boundaries. From emotionally closed off beer guys to mean girls to silly bands, this week has what you need — unless, of course, you need appropriate parental boundaries or meaningful romantic relationships. Jennifer’s mother, Maggie, is a therapist with little or no regard for the confidentiality that job should entail. She sees little wrong with inviting her patients to make a snack in the kitchen while waiting for their appointment to begin. This means Jennifer bumps into them pretty routinely. This week we meet Cheryl (Kathleen Wilhoite, making a  cameo), and we get a sense that Jennifer is feeling a little crowded, as she has to share her raisin toast with her mother’s patients.  Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls': Somebody has to feed the falcon

As if Jennifer hasn’t suffered enough indignities, the episode opens with her car being repossessed. Chasing after the  truck dressed in a skimpy exercise outfit, she definitely gets a workout as the driver trades the contents of the car for another block of Jennifer bouncing after him.  Jennifer agrees to the sleazy deal with exasperation. What does she have to lose at this point, anyway? Right? Read More... //

'Jennifer Falls' premiere recap: It's a personality problem

TV Land is venturing out of its normal programming with tonight’s  Jennifer Falls , and I, for one, think they got it right. Jamie Pressly plays clever, although tightly wound, Jennifer Doyle, an on-the-way-down former executive who must return home, teenage daughter in tow, to live with her mother and work in her brother’s sports bar. As the episode opens, Jeffrey Tambor makes a cameo as her clueless, mostly sexist boss, Dan, who fires her for being too aggressive and too cocky — qualities that, as Jennifer points out, would get a man promoted. Dan scolds her for mean comments such as those and accuses her of having a “personality problem.” Tambor’s cameo is one of the tiny surprises this pilot offers, and I am giddy to see both George and Lucille Bluth together again in the same half-hour, even if it’s unclear if he’ll return. Read More... //