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Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 6

The episode picks up with everyone standing outside Bailey's watching the   ballistic missiles   fly outbound. Some residents speculate that the United States is launching a retaliation against the perpetrators of the nuclear attack on American cities. The mayor comments that the nearest missile silos are in   Wyoming , 100 miles away, and that the missiles may not be American. Hawkins goes home, tells his family to enter the basement, and uses his computer to enter a chat presumably with another member of his confederates, who states that he cannot speak freely as he has been compromised. A large explosion is seen in the sky and at that time the lights go out. Hawkins hands his family   chemical lights   and confirms that there was an   electromagnetic pulse . The possibility that officials were beginning to respond to the crisis with the restoration of electricity, the telephone message from   Homeland Security , and the potential television address by a federal official appears to have been a false hope. Eric questions whether or not help is actually coming, but the mayor tells him probably not. The episode then picks up two weeks later. The ability of Jericho's residents to maintain some semblance of "normalcy " with functional modern technology in the first days after the attacks has been almost completely lost. The clocks are all locked on 9:02 and the kids are playing in the street using their now worthless cellphones as baseballs. One flies through the window of the grocery store and Dale confronts the kids who broke the window. He tells Jake the same teenagers have tried to steal from the store twice in the last week. A previously unseen teenager, "Sean", identifies himself as a friend of Dale, who looks uncomfortable but does not dispute him. Hawkins works as a police officer more to help maintain order, as everyone now realizes they are living in a vastly different world. The small police force is overwhelmed with complaints such as trespassing and a broken water main on Ash Street flooding property. Mary is upset about Eric and discussing the situation with Jake when Mitch walks into Bailey's. Mitch and Jake obviously have a bad history with each other, but before the situation can escalate to violence, Hawkins intervenes. Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9:02