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Jersey Shore: Preview of the Season Finale

The summer is almost over on Jersey Shore, and after a bunch of romance, romance that turned into love triangles, parties, random girls invited to hot tubs, Snooki's mother, and Atlantic City, the MTV reality show is coming to a close. There is also a one-hour reunion after the show. Last we checked the Jersey Shore peeps, there were two episodes back-to-back. Right off the bat, Snooki caught the eye of a non-guido, though a very attractive one. Why he was attracted to her, who knows? Meanwhile, Mike tapped some trashy chick in the hot tub when Snooki and the Cowboy broke it up. Yikes, too bad for The Situation. As for the happy couple, Sammi let Ronnie out of his cage, but The Situation was being a rat so he told her that he was talking to some girl. Pauly, meanwhile, had to deal with an Israeli girl who was stalking him, and Mike ran out of things to do so he decided to plant pickles around Snooki's room. The Jersey Shore's most annoying love triangle reached a new low, when Ronnie confronted Mike about his crush on Sammi, who went on to insist that "Sammi has a crush on me, blah blah." In the end, some guys made fun of Snooki, which isn't really an entirely new occurrence, and Ronnie got arrested after getting into a fight. The charges were later dismissed, but not before he spent a few hours on jail, had a mug shot taken, and paid $600 for bail. You know that means? He'll be back on the Jersey Shore reunion to flex his muscles. Catch Jersey Shore tonight on MTV. Source Here