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The Jersey Sox: Summer Special - Snooki Crashes Into a Cop Car - 6/1/11

The SOX are back! Sort of. While we impatiently await the return of our favorite guidos with a drama-packed season 4 overseas in Florence, the sox are getting into some similar trouble of their own! See what happens when Snooki deals with the aftermath of her little "run-in" with the Italian police (literally). She'd bed-ridden, so the least Ronnie could do is show a little support instead of firing back with judgments. After all, he's no one to judge about lack of smart decision-making! Check out the latest SideReel exclusive in the link below! The Jersey Sox: Snooki Crashes Into a Cop Car

The Jersey Sox: Episode 10, "Leaving Jersey" - 4/4/11

It's the season finale of The Jersey Sox! Another fun-filled summer in Seaside Heights has unfortunately ended, but did they expect things to wrap up by being kidnapped? Who has stolen the Sox, and where are they being taken? As the Jersey Shore heads to Italy (eventually), what will become of The Jersey Sox! Find out by watching the season 1 finale in the link below, and be sure to stay tuned for the continued saga of the sox! The Jersey Sox: Leaving Jersey

The Jersey Sox: Episode 9, "The Roast" - 3/22/11

Watch out for an all-new episode of The Jersey Sox! This time around, Mike the Situation prepares for his upcoming roast of "Donny Chump" by attempting to skool all of his housemates. But will his jokes go too far, or are they just plan stupid? Check out the latest shenanigans with the Sox gang by checking out the video in the link below! The Jersey Sox: "The Roast"

The Jersey Sox: Episode 7, "Mean Cuisine"

That's right, Sox fans, it's a new episode of The Jersey Sox! This time, Vinny and the girls go tanning, leaving The Situation to fend for himself. When Mike gets his sock-hands on some RonRon juice, things get a little out of hand. Who's taking care of J-WoWW's dogs, Mean Cuisine and Juice Box? See what goes down when the Situation gets a little hungry (not to mention drunk and confused) in the 7th installment, "Mean Cuisine." The Jersey Sox: "Mean Cuisine"

The Jersey Sox: Episode 3, "A Toxic Situation"

Get ready for the 3rd episode of SideReel's original comedy series, The Jersey Sox! This time, sock Sammi and sock Ronnie are fighting, just like the Jersey Shore versions of Sammi and Ronnie, but instead of wrecking each other's belongings, the socks are hitting the town to scope out the rebound ladies for Ronnie, whether or not he's ready to move on! See what happens when The Situation and Ronnie bring home some grenades, and Vinny is forced to save them the only way he knows how. GRENADE WHISTLE!! Jersey Sox: "A Toxic Situation"

What's New in Web TV: Introducing the Jersey Sox! - 2/9/11

Adam's got all you need to know about what's new in web TV, from mobsters to young love to... GTLing sock puppets? That's right -- check out the latest web series he can't get enough of, starting with About Abby, a romantic dramedy that features a smart, fresh take on the 20-somethings looking for love. Also, Funny or Die's series Mobsters, guest-starring Brian Austin Green, is a hilarious web show about a couple of east coast wise guys transplanted in LA -- be sure to check it out for some quick laughs. And don't forget SideReel's original new comedy, The Jersey Sox, featuring sock puppet versions of our favorite juicehead guidos and hairsprayed guidettes. We like to think our counterparts are classier! Check it out, including a surprise appearance from sock Snooki herself, in the link below! What's New in Web TV: 2/9/11

The Jersey Sox: Episode 2, "Who Perioded In My Pants?"

Our favorite sockhead guidos are back with episode 2! This time the sox delve into what everyone's been wondering since last Thursday's Jersey Shore episode: why the heck is Ronnie bleeding out of his ass? Someone borrowed The Situation's favorite Ed Hardy sweats and left them stained, and naturally Snooki is the first to be blamed. Find out the real story from Sammi and Ronnie in a hilarious new episode of The Jersey Sox below! The Jersey Sox: "Who Perioded In My Pants?"