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Recap: The End of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Season 5, Episode 24

On Monday, November 23, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" officially ended its five-year run on TLC. Kate Gosselin opened the series finale, stating her belief that the reality show is only doing her and the kids good. "This is a very bittersweet goodbye," Kate said. Talking about the end of the show, she added, "I feel like it's been taken from us, from me and the kids." Although this could be the last chance they are seen on the same screen together, Kate and Jon Gosselin chose to do separate interviews and activities with their kids. Kate took the children to an organic farm where they get to feed calves. Kate managed to slip in a joke about the little cows peeing because her children scared them. Meanwhile, Jon organized a lemonade stand to raise money for the local fire department. Twins Mady and Cara had a bicker about their logo design and Jon sent them inside the house because he thought they were "unappreciative". The sextuplets were then treated with a demo from one of the firefighters who climbed up the ladder. In his solo interview, Jon discussed about being himself, free from the grasp of marriage. "I felt like I was free," he said, adding that he has to stop "being a kid." Kate similarly reviewed their marriage, and said, "Maybe I've been in the same boat as Jon, but the truth is I've been in a completely different boat. I never had a clear picture of how it would end, but I think it's too soon." "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will be replaced by "Cake Boss" the rest of this year and "Table for 12" on March 23. Unlike stated in the press release last month, Kate Gosselin will not star in her own show "Kate Plus 8" because the pressure in the family is just too much. "We are focusing on the launch of Kate's new [talk show] in early spring. 'Kate Plus 8' is not in production," a network spokeswoman said. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

New 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Season 5, Episode 23 - recap

The penultimate episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight was a smooshed-together hour of scraps. Kind of like leftover night, Kate described it: Randomly extraneous footage. Oh, yum. The first new half-hour was a regular episode, or what passes for one these days: Jon and Kate doing separate activities with the kids. Jon took the brood to a minor-league baseball game; Kate took the clan to a gymnastics class. But then, multiple commercials for Cake Boss later, we got to the much more strange, second half-hour, which was aptly titled Broken dreams, broken promises, broken episodes. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode Recap: "Beach & Kitchen Reveal"

In this episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 , Jon declared his earrings and new style of dress is "not a midlife crisis," while Kate continued to try new things with her "do anything once" parenting attitude. Jon made his revelation as oldest daughters Cara and Mady returned from the beach early to finish the school year and saw their daddy's studded earlobes for the first time. (Mady's look of horror was priceless.) Jon said he's had his ears pierced since he was 15, and just decided it was time to put the earrings back in. "It's not a midlife crisis! I'm nowhere near midlife," he said in the interview chair. He then added that he's always liked cars, motorcycles and tattoos. "Things are coming out more now," he said. "This is who I am, and this is who I am going to be." Back at the beach with Kate, the sextuplets pushed mommy to the limits of her own "mess-o-phobia." The kids enjoyed their second annual pudding painting day, which basically consists of everyone covering themselves in chocolate pudding. Kate faced another fear when she and the children visited the "serpentarium." The kids, who have always been shown to love reptiles and creepy crawlers weren't shy at all with a ball python. Kate was far more hesitant, but finally gave in and held the snake for her kids. If Kate has changed, however, Jon isn't a believer. As he readied for her to return to see the newly remodeled kitchen, he mused, "It's good they were all away, especially Kate, yelling that there's a mess and cleaning up constantly; that would be annoying." For what it's worth, Kate loved her kitchen - even if she was slow to show it, she tells the cameras. The stars of the show once again were, as it should be, the kids. From Collin dumping bucket after bucket of water on his head to get sand out of his hair to the twin girls conceptualizing and performing their own TV shows, the children remain vibrant and happy. (At least while the cameras around.) Each parent is also doing their best to show the kids they're still loved, and at least one little tyke realizes it. "I'll never stop loving you or daddy," one of the younger girls tells Kate. What did you think of the episode? If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now Source Here

Recap: Jon & Kate Plus Hate

Family bliss has been replaced by marital dysfunction, but the wretched spectacle continues. The real question is: Why do we keep watching? We're a little loath to discuss the ugly matter, but it is maybe the biggest thing that happened on TV last night, so we're sort of obliged. Of course we are talking about the post-separation return of Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC's once cuddly, now mostly depressing reality series about young parents with 100 kids. When last we left our heroes -- younger fattening party boy Jon, tightly wound Sydney Opera House-hairdo'd Kate -- they had announced their separation. The pressures of fame and kids and cameras had damaged the fledgling marriage beyond repair. There they sat on their iconic couch (alone, filming separately) and told us the inevitable, defeated news. It was a sad scene. But TLC's got millions of dollars tied up in this fiasco, as do its overly-eager stars, so the circus must press on. So last night they returned! There are chairs now, one for each of them, no longer a communal love seat. The parents have decided to take turns with the little ones, so while Kate is fitfully trying to set up an enormous tent (we half expected to find the whole Osmond clan sitting in that gigantic thing when Kate had finished putting it together), Jon is wrestling once again with home repair. Though, because the show has taken off, it's no longer Jon and weary, erstwhile Uncle Kevin struggling to build shelves or organize the garage. No, now it's a fleet of fancy builders installing custom cabinets in their new palatial kitchen while Jon supervises. The whole thing just felt terribly off, didn't it? For a lot of reasons. Because the babies have gotten too old. They're still cute, sure (though they are teetering on the brink of last-season-of-Full House, when the Olsen girls went suddenly from cute toddlers to gangly kids), but they're just so painfully aware of the cameras now. They're doing little set-ups and poses. All of the charmingly messy ramble of the show has been drained and replaced with creaky and forced performance. The parents aren't much better. They plaster optimistic expressions on their faces while they go about the grim work of bartering their children's lives for financial gain. The whole conceit when the project started was that the couple was doing the show to raise the necessary money to care for their massive brood. And we sorta believed it. But now it's warped into a fame vehicle for these two nobodies from rural Pennsylvania. Stripped of their adorable litter, would any of us honestly give a damn about some widening frat boy and his architecturally-coiffed bride, shuffling around outside of Harrisburg? Hint: Probably not. Really we're mostly disappointed with TLC. For still playing their cheerful intro music even as the world crumbles around this family. For still shoving it down our throats as family-positive programming when it's really a study of how fame and financial windfall are the quickest of cancers. TLC, when pressed and stretched out, is The Learning Channel. Perhaps we're learning something? Something about the insidiousness of greed? Something about the unreality of reality television? Whatever it is, we're not sure it's a lesson we really needed. What with all those other classes in Hills-onomics and Idol-statistics we've been taking for years now. Jon & Kate used to be the welcome and warm rebuttal to all that. And now it's just part of the pigpile. We wish TLC had done the noble thing and pulled the plug. But, since they haven't, we guess we'll keep watching. 'Cause, you know, despite all our moralizing, it's still pretty fascinating! Anyone up for an awkward discussion about new kitchen cabinetry?? Sigh. Source:

'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' Season 5, Episode 8 & 9 Recap: Starting Over

Welcome back, J&K fans! It's been a few weeks since we've seen the Gosselins and as we all know (and by we I mean anyone in the vicinity of a tabloid magazine) things are, to say the very least, different. The last episode before this summer's hiatus saw the kiddies (remember those guys?) getting "Crooked Houses" while Jon and Kate officially announced the news that everyone already knew: they were separating. Last night's two new episodes spanned from pre-split January to more recent post-split days. In the first of the two episodes, entitled " Renovations and Vacations ," we heard Kate tell us that she is now trying to find "a sense of peace" for her family. First order of business in achieving familial peace? Getting a new, renovated kitchen! Yes, the Gosselins are once again given a luxurious freebie. On the list of things I was hoping not to see in the newer episodes, freebies and promotional tie-ins was pretty high up there. But hey, no one from HGTV showed up, so at least there's that. With the kids nowhere in sight yet, Jon and Kate share some obviously tense moments while deciding how to remodel their kitchen. Kate, with arms crossed, asks Jon what planet he's from when he makes a suggestion (which she would soon find out, was not the worst idea after all.) Ah, just like the good ol' days. I went into tonight on Kate's side, albeit reluctantly, in large part thanks to Jon's Ed Hardy-wearing/moving to New York City/partying with Michael Lohan new life. Once she called a centerpiece of flowers "distracting and ugly," I was pretty much back to thinking I don't want to be on anyone's side anymore. Much to our, as Kate might say, "horrification" the kitchen segment continued. Jon stayed behind in their Pennsylvania home while it was being worked on, and Kate took her wee brood down to the North Carolina shores. Of course, we've been to the beach with the Gosselins before, but this time it was sans Jon, which will be par for the course from here on out. Luckily, the beach trip provided some much needed time away for Kate (even with the pesky paparazzi in the way, but more on them later) and gave viewers more time with the kids. Alexis boasted she would find frogs, dolphins, bugs, and crabs at the beach, while Aaden enthusiastically cried, "I been wishin' about the beach!" And while moments like these are cute, it's hard not to feel like watching is adding fuel to the fire these days. After all, as soon as the gang hit the beach we knew we were going to once again see shots of Kate in that infamous orange bikini. We knew this family had traveled for the first time without their dad (who was back at home donning, horror of horrors, a popped collar shirt) and we knew the paparazzi were hounding them the entire time. Kate, now a tabloid mainstay, explained, "I'm not going to keep (the kids) inside." Yes, but you could pull them out of the public eye entirely. It was pretty sad to hear Kate tell us the kids mentioned missing their dad (let's give kudos to TLC for at least having the good taste to NOT interview the kids on this subject) but it was nice to see them enjoying themselves despite what was going on... Read the full recap: TV Watch - 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' recap: Starting Over

'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Recap: Jon's Away on Kate's Birthday

In the second episode of " Jon & Kate plus 8 " this season, things were more visibly sad between the kids' parents. While the twins and the sixtuplets were getting help from professional baker Duff Goldman to bake a cake as a surprise for Kate's birthday, Jon was away snow-boarding in Park City, Utah. Jon was actually there to do some volunteer work with Utah's disabled children on the ski slopes. However, later on Jon said he was glad to be totally alone and away from the reality and TV world. Meanwhile, back at home, Kate expressed her sadness of Jon's absence, saying "It was a little depressing, I guess. Jon's away, so it's kind of sad." As if a respond to the media scrutiny that they have been exploiting the children for their own will, Kate said in the first couch interview, "My kids are the reason I have always done everything. My kids are the reason I laid on bed rest for 30 entire weeks. My kids are the reason that I wrote the books, and it's always about them. And, I know that it looks it's all about me all the time and whatever, but what you don't see is down deep inside it's a desperate desire to provide for my kids." Jon later also addressed this issue, saying "So, now I'm like the stay-at-home dad thing and Kate's the career woman, so it's different for me. I think it's different for a guy. We're not moms, nor do we try to be." The June 1 episode consisted of two segments, one focusing on Kate's birthday and the other one is on mother-daughter time between Kate and Mady. There was a little accident in the second segment when Alexis fell down and bit through her lip. On another news, TLC is "now looking for NY, NJ, and CT families who are expecting twins, triplets, or more!" With Jon and Kate Gosselin's uncertain future, the network is anticipating by developing a similar show where it can "capture the birth of the babies and witness their amazing first breath, first cry, and all the emotions that go along with such an incredible occasion." Source Here

A womne gave borth to 8 children today, TLC give otehr families a chance on the air, tired of Jon an

I like Jon and Kate plus 8, but please TLC there are other families with this amount of children and more at one time. My god what about women years ago who gave birth to many kids at once, and today a women gave birth to 8 kids at one time. Tell me will TLC be putting them on the air, I mean enough already of Jon and Kate. The family thing is something I love, but start putting other families on TLC besides Jon & Kate really. Kate have not done any thing any more than any other mom, dad has done for years for their children. Move over Jon and Kate and welcome the women who gave birth to 8 babies at one time. Kate a word of adive, in the camras yoour so head strong about the kids being clean, yes being a mom is a job alone, but darling stop over doing it. They are kids, andf please, please TLC Get another family on the air already please.

great show

i like this show a lot. Being able to learn what its like to have so many children and seeing how some people deal with handling them is quite amusing. i also think that the show is kinda addicting, you just want to know what happens next with the kids.