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Year in Review: Top Disappointments, Part 1

Pushing Daisies ' Cancellation This was by far my biggest disappointment of 2008 in the land of television. Pushing Daisies is one of the most clever and unique shows that's been on television for quite some time. To describe this show in honor of our dear Daisies piemaker, this show has the delicious sweet crust of the fairytale narration and bright colors holding in the the plentiful filling of the nutty mixed berries that make up the most endearing characters one could ever hope for, plus the perfect dash of sarcasm sprinkled on top. Journeyman 's Cancellation Journeyman , maybe a bit like Firefly in its time, didn't pull in the right viewers as its description of a man who started time traveling for unknown reasons to help people apparently lent itself to possible viewers finding it not as cool as Heroes in the timeslot before it on NBC, and not quite non-scifi enough for the drama fans. This show brought a great mix of mystery with the time traveling along with fascination with the main character and how his life would unfold in various times. It is sorely missed by fans who are left with the big 2008 disappointment that this one didn't get a chance to prove its greatness. Kath and Kim 's Lack of Funny I'm not sure which is the biggest disappointment: the fact that with two hilarious co-stars, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, this should have been our favorite hysterical, quirky comedy of 2008, or that even though it proved to be a big flop in the laughs department, it actually got renewed while some great shows got axed. It's also surprising that it could last on NBC which has made a name for itself as a home of comedy. But anyway about it, the expectations for Kath and Kim were high, and the quality tragically low, so no thanks to 2008 for bringing us this one. My Own Worst Enemy 's Lack of Awesomeness Really, NBC? It seems all around this year, NBC has not delivered, as you'll see plenty more of in Part 2 of our 2008 disappointments! The way My Own Worst Enemy was hyped, it seemed expected to be a lighter 24 - still with plenty of mystery and drama, but with more endearing humor as fans could better relate to a man who is ordinary half the time, leading to some confused spy scenes, as opposed to a man like the untouchable Jack Bauer. But no such luck. While some dug right in to the episodes that did air, this one was also doomed to a quick cancellation after just plain confusing many viewers with the two personality issue. Cashmere Mafia 's Downfall Cashmere Mafia didn't have a long life in 2008 as it didn't have a very long life at all - it premiered January 7th and aired its 6th and final episode on February 20th. I had thought there'd be hope for this one though it was going up against another show about a group of female professionals living in the city, Lipstick Jungle , which seemed to have the huge advantage of actually being written by the author of the show both these shows were imitating, Sex and the City . The hope for Cashmere fell to that it premiered a month before Lipstick, making at least an avid TV fan like myself feel attached to and defensive of the Cashmere ladies. But unfortunately, Cashmere's storylines (and ratings) couldn't hold up against the seemingly less fabulous Lipstick, which has since proven itself. But therein lies this 2008 disappointment - Cashmere Mafia did not get that same chance to show us the heart and great plot that it certainly could have developed. Continue to Part 2

Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Love and War Haunt Hunt

Call him the Comeback McKidd. After seeing his unsung turn in last season's underappreciated Journeyman get cut short, Scotsman Kevin McKidd got snatched up by no less than one of TV's hottest shows, ABC's Grey's Anatomy . As Dr. Owen Hunt, a now shell-shocked Iraq war veteran, McKidd has in short order rocked Cristina Yang's world and demonstrated to McDreamy and McSteamy that there's a new McSheriff in town - and you have a feeling he's just getting started. McKidd shared with a look at what's ahead for Hunt, as well as reflected on time-tripping newsman Dan Vasser's truncated journey. read the interview from: TvGuide

Quirky Characters Week: Quirktastic but Canceled

Many a quirky show gets canceled because it's a little too quirky to pull in the crowds, but so brilliantly quirky that it leaves behind many very sad fans. In our Quirky Characters Week definition of quirky including characters that "have some sort of secret life or ability or just a big dose of oddness that sets them apart," there are some tragically canceled shows that were entirely hilarious and off the wall quirky or had those wonderful bizarre characters considered nutso because of their weird "secret life." Here's our list of the most quirktastic, but tragically canceled shows! Journeyman : This show was most certainly an under-appreciated dose of quirkiness as the main character, Dan Vasser, found himself time traveling, at often awkward or dangerous moments of his normal life, which led him to moments in time which he needed to alter to save someone or stop something from happening that would botch the future as it was supposed to be. Sure enough, the time traveling quirk of Dan's life caused him plenty of fascinating trouble - but also unfortunately, the trouble of getting canceled as well. New Amsterdam : This show was not as amazing Journeyman, but it also included a fascinatingly quirky character, John Amsterdam, who back in the time of the American settlers, was made immortal when he was dying, so that he would live forever - until he found "the one." Weird. Now to wish to find the one to spend one lifetime with or the wish to live "forever" alone where you witness so much of the world, yet don't have someone to share it with? We'll never really know how things worked out for John, but it was quirkily intriguing while it lasted. Arrested Development : If any show were to be next to the standard definition of "quirky" in the dictionary, Arrested Development would be it! These characters really had nothing special about them - besides total insanity. The Bluths are probably the funniest TV family ever with kissing cousins, a narcissistic sister married to a cat-like never-nude, an untalented magician, a rich papa in prison, and a "slow" mama's boy... and the ever so normal Michael and alcoholic mother. This was a misunderstood show that was so quirky, the characters even pleaded not to be canceled, but to no avail. Firefly : Firefly can fall onto any form of tragically canceled list as it was a fun and quirky scifi show that was misunderstood and missed by many who would've been big fans if they'd just realized the awesome scifi aspect, or the utterly quirky and hilarious aspect. Oh, Firefly. Family Guy : Yes, it was picked up again (twice) - hooray! But it should be noted on this list that many viewers didn't get or appreciate the quirkiness of Seth MacFarlane and his offensive, silly characters like Stewie the evil talking baby, Brian the talking alcoholic dog, Quagmire the sex-maniac neighbor, or even the mildly retarded star of it all, Peter Griffin. Thank heavens those Fox people came to their senses (twice) and put it back on the air - and here we are in the 7th season! Futurama : This deserves a spot on this list as it's hard to get much quirkier than a pizza boy frozen in the year 2000 and waking up in the year 3000, only to take on a delivery job - but surrounded by some pretty ridiculous futuristic outcasts. It had a pretty good run, though on-again-off-again, until finally off for good. Wonderfalls : Wonderfalls is among those great but short-lived and misunderstood shows. This quirk-ster featured a college grad in a dead-end job at a Niagara Falls gift shop, who talked to animal figurines who led her to people she was supposed to help. Sadly, it didn't get much viewership, and despite efforts to get this one on a different and more successful network, Wonderfalls did more falling than wondering as it was canceled after just 4 episodes.

Journeyman: Untold Secrets

No, Journeyman fans, the show is sadly still not coming back on air, but instead we have the next best thing. Creator Kevin Falls spoke with Ain't It Cool News about what was in store for the prematurely canceled NBC series. It's a must read for any fan: Who or what was sending Dan on his sudden missions into the past? Was it God? Nature? Kevin Falls: Let's just say it was too specific and grand to be science or government. Would we ever learn? We would have led you to the water's edge and let you figure it out. The later conflict of the show was going to lie with those people who were trying to find the cadre of travelers. Would they try to manipulate them for their own self interests? [Recurring FBI agent] Richard Garrity was coming back for sure. We also were aiming for a series ending where the key people Dan helped through the course of the season would figure in a Rube Goldberg-inspired climax. Not quite on the level of save-the-world like Heroes , but something with some scope. Read the rest of this interview: Series Creator Kevin Falls Reveals the Secrets of Journeyman

McKidd Journeying to Anatomy?

He already has a "Mc" in his name, so Kevin McKidd seems like a perfect fit... That's right! Keving McKidd, of the dearly departed Journeyman and Rome before that, is in talks to join the cast of Grey's Anatomy . He would play a doctor coming to work in the hospital after a stint in Iraq. But the real question is, who will he date (and by date I mean sleep with)? Source: TV Squad

Save Journeyman!

Save Journeyman! has organized a campaign to send the NBC Universal CEO boxes of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat, to try to save this amazing show set in San Francisco! On Save Journeyman! fans can buy cases of Rice-A-Roni through Amazon to join in the campaign.