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Is It Worth Saving?

While the concept (Quantum Leap with domestic and social consequence) and the cast are superb, the writing leaves much to be desired. Early episodes presented surprising twist endings but they were quickly scrapped for easy-to-follow neatly wrapped melodrama. While the dramatic conflicts are resolved far too quickly the sci-fi aspects take the back burner leaving the built-in geek audience for the show with nothing to obsess over. Ultimately, I choose to give the show the benefit of the doubt and believe that the answers are/were coming. While not my favorite show by a long stretch it kept me happy while waiting for the next Lost or Heroes. I'd welcome the show's return, but should it not may it rest in peace.

Journeyman: Pilot

Not everyone trusted NBC's instincts when they brought out a new little series last fall called Heroes . It seemed a little iffy on if a show about super heroes could really make a good primetime drama. But any doubts were put aside as Heroes became the most captivating new series of the season. This season, Journeyman is definitely NBC's new must-see. Like Heroes, there's that element of the main character(s) having some sort of discovered and an uncertain mission those powers are meant for. Also like Heroes, there's an element of immediate captivation with the intriguing story and unique characters. Journeyman brings on the very strong lead of Rome 's Kevin McKidd playing Dan Vassar, a San Francisco reporter who suddenly starts experiencing a strange phenomenon: waking up in different places... and no, he's not sleepwalking... he's time traveling. He finds himself waking up in different times and places when sometimes he'd been sleeping or sometimes he seems to just be pulled into this bright light into another time. He realizes very quickly, despite his totally confused state, that there's a trend to the places and times he ends up in which is connected to things he must do that will end up changing time hopefully for the better. But, while he's discovering in different times how he's meant to help, he's disappearing for days from his regular life including his wife and kid and job which has just a couple of pressing tasks considering he's a reporter. And of course, it puts a little strain on a marriage when the husband disappears for a couple days without a phone call. Journeyman does an excellent job of creating a very intriguing and quality storyline of Dan Vassar's time travel as well as establishing a very realistic life for him on "the other side" and the complications this new way of life has taken on for his regular life. The greatest part is that these two storylines are not so cut and dry as Dan being involved in other people's lives while he's in the past, and his own simple and ordinary life when he's in the present. There's quite a past built for him with an ex-fiance who'd died in a plane crash, a complicated relationship with his brother, especially since Dan's now married to his brother's ex-girlfriend, and some moments of his own past that he unavoidably becomes a part of as his future self. The premiere episode of Journeyman sets all of this up very well with only revealing the perfect amount of information to show viewers how much there is yet to be revealed, yet making us feel attached to the characters and their stories in a way that most definitely makes for an immediately addictive show. Full review on Get Reel: Journeyman: The NBC Must-See of the Season

Emily: History (and Future) in the Making

On Journeyman, Dan has tried to change things he wasn't meant to in the past, and he learned his lesson that it didn't work out. But on this week's episode, he just did it anyway. And, hey, it looked like Livia was wrong! Dan not only saved Emily, the girl he was meant to follow, from a creepy kidnapper, but he was able to save the next girl the guy kidnapped as well plus get the guy arrested. But Dan found out pretty quickly, when he ran into Jack who was finally coming around about Dan's condition, that he did change more than he thought. Jack went back to being on the verge of having Dan committed... and now the kidnapper is going to come back with what looks like intentions of committing a bit of something on Dan. Apparently you shouldn't mess with the past... but yet that's the entire point of Dan's time traveling, so is that really fair? And how screwed up is Dan's life going to become if he doesn't realize right away what he's done? Will he go on changing things he's not meant to change while the kidnapper watches on in Dan's present? Or will these consequences catch up with Dan right away so he learns his lesson about the rules of his traveling once and for all? Full review:


Journeyman, make us think all you want that our hero may get killed by a kid's rocket in the past, but don't taunt us with his past (and pregnant) wife not loving him! So cruel! But I have to say Dan delving into his own past during his journeys is totally fascinating. It looks like this is the theme for next week, while this week we just got a peek as Dan ran into his past self. I wonder if at any point after his travels he's going to say he remembers that from when he was younger or his wife is going to remember something like when Livia ran into her in Chinatown looking older and a lot different. It looks like having people around him besides his trusting wife and son who believe him about his travels isn't going to be so easy (which sounds obvious). It seemed like Dan was going to have the younger brother, Michael, he saved around to help him out since he knew Dan was a time traveler, but as we discovered of Michael's present self, he no longer believes time travel is possible. But we do have these little tidbits of science here and there with both Michael and the other scientist hanging in the air about how possible in "reality" time travel could be. Even though the brother denied believing in it any longer, I don't think we've seen the end of him or the other scientist, considering the guy called Dan while he was traveling in the past. I don't think we'll move very quickly with the scientific possibilities for Dan, but dealing with his own past next week should bring up a whole new can of worms with what he's changing, how he can get away with it, and everything else that could come along with having two of the same person in the same place at the same time!