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'Justified' Season 5, episode 4 - 'Over the Mountain': All roads lead to Harlan

With Tuesday's (Jan. 27) episode of "Justified," we're roughly a third of the way through the season. As the show has done in the past, episode 4, "Over the Mountain," starts bringing previously separate plot elements closer together.So not only do we discover that the now departed Wade Messer was informing on Boyd for the feds, and not only do we see Art get some troubling new information of Nicky Augustine's murder from the Canadian drug dealer played by Will Sasso. But we also learn Johnny's partner in trying to take Boyd down is the dealer Raylan ran across two episodes back, while dealing with Loretta's situation. And that while Lee Paxton may still want to see Ava go down, she has at least some protection from the likes of Deputy Doyle, either via Boyd or some other benefactor. And that Raylan's relationship with Allison is both fulfilling (physically and emotionally, given his penchant for... //

'Justified's' Timothy Olyphant: Neal McDonough's Quarles 'maybe' could return

Zap2it: Your co-star Nick Searcy has a visitor here on set today, and he's Tweeted out a picture. Are you involved in social media at all?Timothy Olyphant: I don't have that Facebook stuff. It's all wonderful ... for someone else.Zap2it: What is the situation with this season's new villains, Florida crime family the Crowes, led by Darryl Crowe Jr. (Michael Rapaport)?Timothy Olyphant:I know them all. That's the way it works in Elmore's (Leonard, the late novelist who created Olyphant's character, Kentucky-based U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens) world. You meet; you talk; later, you get together and kill one another. I took Darryl to prison once; now he's out again. We meet back in Florida, and we car pool back together.Zap2it: You usually film in and around Santa Clarita, Calif. (where Olyphant previously filmed HBO's "Deadwood"), but we hear you got to film in Florida this season. Were there gators?Timothy Olyphant: They were all around us. They've only... //

Top Moments: American Horror Story Axes One of Its Own, and Mindy and Danny Finally Take Off

Our top moments of the week: 14. Dead Sexy Award: Boyd's story just keeps getting twist-ier on Justified . In order to get out of his latest beef with Paxton, Boyd convinces Sheriff Mooney to switch sides in the battle and tells Paxton he had indeed murdered Boyd. But in order to pull off the scheme, Mara suggests Paxton will need to see a dead body — or at least part of one. Ultimately, the pair decides — after upping the sexual tension by taking a guided tour of the tattoos on Boyd's naked torso — to re-create Boyd's ink on one of the body parts in Paxton's own morgue as a stand-in. Ironically, if prison-bound Ava knew about Boyd and Mara's sexy stand-off in the bar, Boyd might already be a...   //

Justified Season 5 Episode 4 “Over the Mountain”

Justified  Season 5 Episode 4 “Over the Mountain” airs Tuesday January 28 2014 at 10PM ET/PT on FX. Episode Synopsis:  Justified Season 5 Episode 4 “Over the Mountain” – Raylan ventures into wild country on the hunt for a missing informant, while Boyd’s last living relative threatens his life and livelihood. Read More... //

Justified's A.J. Buckley and Wife Welcome First Child

  Justified   star  A.J. Buckley  is a dad. The  CSI: NY  alum and his fiancée, Abigail Ochse, welcomed  their first child , a girl, in Los Angeles early Sunday morning,  has learned.   //

'Justified' adds Mary Steenburgen to Season 5 cast

Wynn Duffy is now a regular part of the world of "Justified," and we'll get to know more about him later in the season -- in part via a new character played by Mary Steenburgen.The Oscar-winning actress, late of "Bored to Death" and "30 Rock," will have a recurring role on "Justified" later this season. She'll make her first appearance in episode 10, FX says.Her character's name is Katherine Hale, and she's described as a "beautiful Southern belle who was the wife of Wynn Duffy's (Jere Burns) mentor in crime." How she enters the story remains to be seen.The first two episodes of "Justified" this season have seen Wynn and Boyd (Walton Goggins) enter the drug business as Boyd looks for quick cash to help get his fiancee, Ava (Joelle Carter), out of jail."Justified" airs at 10 p.m. ET Tuesdays on FX. What do you think of the casting?... //

Justified Season 5 Episode 3 “Good Intentions”

Justified  Season 5 Episode 3 “Good Intentions” airs Tuesday January 21 2014 at 10PM ET/PT on FX. Episode Synopsis:  Justified Season 5 Episode 3 “Good Intentions” – Raylan is king for a day in the seized mansion of a notorious mob accountant, while Boyd tries to regain his stranglehold on the Harlan heroin market. Read More... //

Justified Boss on Ending the Show: "Six Years Felt About Right"

  Fans and  FX might not be ready  for  Justified  to go, but the cast and crew are. The network confirmed Tuesday at the Television Critics Association winter previews that the drama, based on  Elmore Leonard 's "Fire in the Hole" short story, will end after its sixth season next year — a decision creator and executive producer  Graham Yost  and star  Timothy Olyphant  came to after a "long conversation."   Read More... //

'Justified' creator: Ending after Season 6 feels like the right time

FX confirmed Tuesday (Jan. 14) that "Justified" will end after its sixth season in 2015 -- though not because of any decision from the top."I would have liked to have more 'Justified.' It's one of my favorite shows," FX Networks CEO John Landgraf says at the TCA winter press tour. "I just really love it personally and have a long-standing admiration of all things Elmore Leonard."The decision, Landgraf says, came from "Justified" creator Graham Yost and star/producer Timothy Olyphant. "They felt the arc of the show and what they had to say would be best served by six years, six seasons, instead of seven. So regretfully I accepted their decision," Landgraf says.Yost tells Zap2it that while some business considerations went into the decision -- "they initially only make a deal with someone like Tim for six years" -- it had more to do with what's on screen."It feels like the Kentucky story of Raylan Givens... //

‘Justified’ Sixth and Final Season Announced by FX

It’s time for Raylan Givens to hang up his hat for good. News broke at the FX panel during the TCA winter press tour today that FX has renewed the critically acclaimed series  Justified  for a sixth and final season. The decision came from series star (and executive producer) Timothy Olyphant and creator Graham Yost. FX President John Landgraf noted that he would have liked to see the series continue, but “they felt the arc of the show and what they had to say would be best served by six seasons.” Even though it would have made financial sense for FX to keep the show on air for another season, Landgraf decided to respect their decision to end the show. Read More... //