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Jim Beaver on Last Night’s Justified and the Odds of a Deadwood Reunion

[ Spoilers ahead .] Last night’s episode of Justified wrapped up season four’s major story line, the search for a D.B. Cooper–like figure named Drew Thompson who saw the current head of the Detroit mob commit a horrible crime three decades earlier. Thompson was eventually revealed as one of the show’s ongoing characters, Jim Beaver’s Shelby Parlow. In previous seasons, Shelby had seemed little more than a morally compromised supporting player, a corrupt sheriff in the back pocket of Walton Goggins’s backwoods gangster Boyd Crowder. By the end of last night’s installment, Drew was in custody, removed from the drama and being packed off to prison — a surprisingly peaceful end to his story, considering how bloodthirsty Justified can be. Read More... //www.vulture.com/2013/03/justified-jim-beaver-interview.html

Justified Season 4 Episode 12 “Peace of Mind”

Justified Season 4 Episode 12 "Peace of Mind" airs Tues. March 26 2013 at 10PM ET/PT on FX. Episode Synopsis: Justified Season 4 Episode 12 "Peace of Mind" – The Drew Thompson case becomes a fiasco that Raylan can only fix by besting Boyd in a hunt for the unwitting woman caught in the middle. READ MORE...