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Karin Complete Series Set DVD Review

Based on the manga of the same name which has been released in the US under the name Chibi Vampire, Karin is a twenty-four episode series that puts a mild but cute twist on the vampire genre. Vampires in a comedy show aren't unusual but the premise behind Karin brings in some nice twists in how she interacts with others as well as the actual effects of the vampirism. I originally came into this series after reading the first novel but not the manga series, so there was already some familiarity with the concept. The show revolves around high school student Karin Maaka, a bright and bubbly type who once in awhile has the need to feed. The entire aspect of her being a vampire is something that embarrasses her in general but more so because she's not a normal vampire. Her parents, who moved here from Europe, are an amusing couple named Henry and Carrerra Marker. Karin has adapted their last named to Maaka so that she can blend in easily enough. Her family is also made up of an older brother named Ren who is a full fledged vampire now and a younger sister named Anju. Read More Click Me!