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TV Graveyard: NBC - Featured

NBC has kind of been a TV Graveyard for a few years now, hasn't it? While there have been some bright spots, like the non-cancellations of low-rated gems like Friday Night Lights and now Chuck , the network still can't launch a ratings hit. Even "hit" comedies The Office and 30 Rock receive pretty paltry viewership. Thus, each year now, NBC launches a bunch of new shows...and most of them don't survive. They also slowly give up on longer running series that still haven't broken out, like My Name Is Earl (4 seasons) and fan-favorite Life (2 seasons). Also in NBC's graveyard from earlier this year are: My Own Worst Enemy , Crusoe , Knight Rider (2008) and Lipstick Jungle . Now joining them are biblical-inspired Kings and Molly Shannon sitcom Kath and Kim . Fans of ER also know that the long-running program finally finished up its run back in April. Which show in NBC's graveyard saddens you most? I've already come to peace with Lipstick Jungle , lost touch with Earl a few seasons ago (though still...not cool, NBC), and never got into Life , so personally I am most disappointed about the demise of the criminally underrated and highly inventive Kings .

TV Tonight (1/29): What's On? What's Off?

Much like Monday , a lot of regular programs are not airing tonight. In case you're curious... NBC is entirely in reruns; there are no new episodes of My Name Is Earl , Kath and Kim , The Office , 30 Rock or ER . Of course, don't forget about the all new Office following the Super Bowl on Sunday! Check your local listings as times will vary. Fox is all new, though there is no new Bones . Instead there is a special episode of American Idol (the final auditions round - if you find that exciting ) and the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen . CBS has no new Criminal Minds , however CSI and Eleventh Hour are both new. ABC has no new Ugly Betty or Grey's Anatomy , though Private Practice is new. The CW does have all new episodes tonight of both Smallville and Supernatural . Enjoy.

Are Kath & Kim and Knight Rider Doomed? - Featured

We have learned some positive NBC news this week including early renewals for The Office , 30 Rock and The Biggest Loser , as well as the promise of a non-cancellation for Lipstick Jungle . Also, though nothing official, the network also expressed a lot of confidence in Heroes receiving another season. However, 2 shows that didn't receive such good news were freshman series Kath and Kim and Knight Rider. Said NBC at a press conference: "The two shows were 'fair tries' but aren't holding up in the ratings" and are "indicative of shows that may or may not be coming back". Start your "Save this Show" campaigns now, if you care... Source: NY Times

Year in Review: Top Worst Career Moves, Part 2

Smallville - Departures of Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum I actually haven't been watching Smallville for a few seasons, but I have to say, I was shocked and disappointed to learn that Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum would no longer be regulars this season. Kreuk's character had been bothering me forever, but frankly, does Kreuk really have any better opportunities out there to pursue besides her role on Smallville? Rosenbaum on the other hand, I find instrumental to the series and can't really imagine it without him. All I can say is I hope he hasn't left to make a sequel to Sorority Boys... Howie Mandel - Howie Do It Howie Mandel already has an inexplicable success in Deal or No Deal (seriously guys, it's the same thing every time...we're a bunch of greedy bastards and never take the deal). Apparently Howie is greedy too though, because he's taking a shot at another god-awful looking show on NBC beginning in January. It's a hidden camera show entitled Howie Do It . I already want to vomit. If this show becomes a success too, I will cry for humanity. Kath and Kim - Molly Shannon and Selma Blair I love you, Molly Shannon, I really do (Selma Blair, meh). But...even though Kath and Kim may have gotten a full season order, it's still a bad show. I really can't understand how Shannon read this script and thought this would be a good idea. When the sitcom inevitably gets canceled (whether it be when this season ends or if it magically squeezes out a second season merely because NBC has nothing better to air), there's no way that anyone will remember this show as anything besides the crap that it is. The Return of Jezebel James - Amy Sherman-Palladino Any fan of Gilmore Girls will be familiar with the brilliant creator's name, Amy Sherman-Palladino. What you may or may not know/remember is that due to contract disputes with The CW , Sherman-Palladino left the series in 2006 after its 6th season (the 7th season and final season reflected this). What was the result? The Return of Jezebel James . However, blinked and you missed this abominable sitcom (I couldn't get through the pilot) as it was canceled after just 3 episodes which aired in March 2008. I'm not mad that ASP made a bad show; I'm mad that she left Gilmore Girls to do it. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Jimmy Fallon Granted, getting the Conan O'Brien slot should seem like a great career move, which is what Jimmy Fallon will be getting come March 2009. Problem is, I never thought Fallon had what it takes to carry a late night show. Never even thought he was that great on SNL (seriously, girls, you were just blinded by his cuteness). Just check out his Late Night Blog . I predict Fallon will be a ratings disaster. Back to Part 1 Year in Review

Year in Review: Top Disappointments, Part 1

Pushing Daisies ' Cancellation This was by far my biggest disappointment of 2008 in the land of television. Pushing Daisies is one of the most clever and unique shows that's been on television for quite some time. To describe this show in honor of our dear Daisies piemaker, this show has the delicious sweet crust of the fairytale narration and bright colors holding in the the plentiful filling of the nutty mixed berries that make up the most endearing characters one could ever hope for, plus the perfect dash of sarcasm sprinkled on top. Journeyman 's Cancellation Journeyman , maybe a bit like Firefly in its time, didn't pull in the right viewers as its description of a man who started time traveling for unknown reasons to help people apparently lent itself to possible viewers finding it not as cool as Heroes in the timeslot before it on NBC, and not quite non-scifi enough for the drama fans. This show brought a great mix of mystery with the time traveling along with fascination with the main character and how his life would unfold in various times. It is sorely missed by fans who are left with the big 2008 disappointment that this one didn't get a chance to prove its greatness. Kath and Kim 's Lack of Funny I'm not sure which is the biggest disappointment: the fact that with two hilarious co-stars, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, this should have been our favorite hysterical, quirky comedy of 2008, or that even though it proved to be a big flop in the laughs department, it actually got renewed while some great shows got axed. It's also surprising that it could last on NBC which has made a name for itself as a home of comedy. But anyway about it, the expectations for Kath and Kim were high, and the quality tragically low, so no thanks to 2008 for bringing us this one. My Own Worst Enemy 's Lack of Awesomeness Really, NBC? It seems all around this year, NBC has not delivered, as you'll see plenty more of in Part 2 of our 2008 disappointments! The way My Own Worst Enemy was hyped, it seemed expected to be a lighter 24 - still with plenty of mystery and drama, but with more endearing humor as fans could better relate to a man who is ordinary half the time, leading to some confused spy scenes, as opposed to a man like the untouchable Jack Bauer. But no such luck. While some dug right in to the episodes that did air, this one was also doomed to a quick cancellation after just plain confusing many viewers with the two personality issue. Cashmere Mafia 's Downfall Cashmere Mafia didn't have a long life in 2008 as it didn't have a very long life at all - it premiered January 7th and aired its 6th and final episode on February 20th. I had thought there'd be hope for this one though it was going up against another show about a group of female professionals living in the city, Lipstick Jungle , which seemed to have the huge advantage of actually being written by the author of the show both these shows were imitating, Sex and the City . The hope for Cashmere fell to that it premiered a month before Lipstick, making at least an avid TV fan like myself feel attached to and defensive of the Cashmere ladies. But unfortunately, Cashmere's storylines (and ratings) couldn't hold up against the seemingly less fabulous Lipstick, which has since proven itself. But therein lies this 2008 disappointment - Cashmere Mafia did not get that same chance to show us the heart and great plot that it certainly could have developed. Continue to Part 2

Christmas Promos in NBC of Various Top Shows

NBC is not going to leave behind after ABC has announced its Christmas Programs,hence NBC has released Xmas Promos of its various top shows like 30 Rock,The Office,My Name is Earl and Kath and Kim.You can check it out here NBC Christmas Promos

Kath & Kim: Girl Talk with Selma Blair and Molly Shannon

Joining NBC's successful Thursday-night comedy block isn't easy for any new show, but Kath and Kim (8:30 pm/ET) has had a particularly tough go at it in a year when all of NBC's comedies (including 30 Rock , The Office and My Name Is Earl ) have posted decreased ratings. But with a full-season vote of confidence from the network, Kath and Kim is forging ahead with, among other storylines, wedding plans. Join us for a little girl talk with executive producer Michelle Nader and stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, who tell us how they interpreted the Australian original, their own celebrity crushes and what it takes to be considered a "good eater" on camera. read the interview from: TvGuide

Maya Rudolph to Appear on Kath & Kim

Kath and Kim and Maya? On the heels of her well-received turn as a lounge-singing Michelle Obama on Saturday Night Live ("Solid... solid as Barack!"), Maya Rudolph will guest-star on an upcoming episode of the NBC sitcom Kath and Kim , alongside fellow SNL alum Molly Shannon, according to executive producer Michelle Nader. Rudolph plays a spiritual guide who helps Phil (John Michael Higgins) lose weight, and then becomes a bit of a "girl crush" to Shannon's Kath. Nader also hinted that she is pursuing some big-name diva guest stars for an episode in which Kath and Kim travel to Las Vegas to see Cher perform. Could sitcom-guest-star-magic lightning strike twice for Britney? Call your agent, Ms. Spears! Source: TvGuide

Pamela Anderson Will Cameo on Kath & Kim

NBC announced Thursday that Pamela Anderson will make a cameo appearance as herself on an upcoming episode of Kath and Kim . Who better to personify the celebrity culture in which the show's mother-and-daughter protagonists so actively participate? Anderson, of course, is no stranger to the boob tube. She made her name as Tim Taylor's Tool Time Girl on Home Improvement before moving on to starring roles in the syndicated hits Baywatch and V.I.P., the semiautobiographical animated show Stripperella, and Fox's short-lived sitcom Stacked. (What? It took place in a bookstore.) Kath and Kim stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, and airs at 9:30 pm/ET on Thursdays read from TvGuide

Kath and Kim and Samantha Are Sticking Around

We won't be forgetting about Samantha Who? or Kath and Kim anytime soon. Both comedies are sticking around for the remainder of the season. ABC has ordered seven more episodes of Samantha Who? while NBC asked for nine more from Kath and Kim . They're the first two comedies to be picked up for a full season, though CBS has ordered additional scripts for both Worst Week and Gary Unmarried . Samantha Who? is averaging 10.5 million viewers per episode so far this season while airing after Dancing with the Stars . Meanwhile, Kath and Kim has averaged about 6 million viewers per episode airing between My Name Is Earl and The Office in NBC's Thursday night block. According to The Hollywood Reporter, an NBC executive called Kath and Kim "a show we love and believe in," while Samantha Who? could help ABC launch any of the six midseason comedies it's got planned. read from the source