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Bring Kath and Kim Back

This was such a good comedy. Almost as good as the Australian original, infact funnier! Please bring this back, it makes me laugh, even when I am in the sadest moods.

Kath and Kim Review

Who knew such a silly comedy could be so funny (...and I mean this in the best way possible). Kath and Kim is my new favorite comedy series. It finds way to shout "Girl Power" every time. I remembered actress Selma Blair from movie roles like 'The Sweetest Thing', 'Legally Blonde' and more... but I wouldn't have imagined her executing a television series role. The pilot was what caught my attention and I have been hooked since. There are few comedies which maintains a consistent flow of laughter on a weekly basis and ' Kath and Kim ' pulls it off every time. I'm going on and on about the show, but that just shows how much I really love it... Imagine I can always catch up on different Hollywood gossip. Kim played by Selma Blair is obviously spoiled. I think leaving your husband because he asked you to microwave a dish for once rather than going out is very silly. Still each character manages to pull off their silly roles believably and convincingly, it even makes you sing along with them. I don't know if it's just me, but I just seem to love Kim's husband, Craig. Any husband that calls their wife dude is a gem, then again it's hard to picture Kim married at all. Molly Kannon also gives a good spin to her character. Part of having a good show is a good cast and 'Kath and Kim' has that. I anticipate Season 2 anxiously... ready to have a good laughter. A New Show, but I'll rate it... Bonus Features Lexabuti Reviews _______________________ Four out of Five Stars Grade B+ _______________________

Give Kath and Kim a chance! Seriously!

Despite all the negative reviews, I knew I had to give this show a fighting chance. and lo and behold, it's hilarious! I love Molly Shannon and John Michael Higgins (from Best in Show!). They are totally amazing and ridiculous together as a couple. Selma Blair is pretty awesome too. I haven't seen the australian version of this show but I am pretty hooked on this one. I don't know why so many people hate on it! If you like 30 rock or the office or SNL or Christopher Guest movies than CHECK THIS OUT. OK? It's great! really.

Stupidest show I think that I have ever watched.

How is this even on the air?? I didn't find it humorous at all, just plain stupid. It's an insult to my intelligence. Kath's character is way too over-exaggerated, and Kim acts mentally handicapped. I say... get rid of it!

crap much?

umm ok, the thing that makes australian kath and kim funny is how aussie it is.the american kath and kim totally loses that due to obvious reasons. also, the characters are hilarious because of their aussie accents and unattractiveness, kim for example thinks she's a stunner and it's funny because she ISN'T but dresses as though she IS.selma blair is too attractive for the part of kim.i don't know what else do say except america really really can't rip off australian kath and doesn't work

Kath and Kim 2.0... really?

Well to start, I just don't understand how they came to cast Selma Blair as Kim? She's meant to be loud, obnoxious, trashy, self-obsessed, average looking at best and very chubby. And no offense to Selma Blair as an actress but... she just can't pull that off. And where the hell is Sharron? I'm not even Australian and even I think the Aussie version was far superior. I usually give the American version of a good show a chance, and in the case of The Office I ended up liking the US version better, but they've made too many changes and they've tried to glam it up for American audiences and it just does not work. Please NBC, don't taint a good thing.

Nothing like the Australian Kath and Kim

Okay so I am Australian and this Kath and Kim is NOTHING like the Australian one AT ALL. It has been completely americanized, it's like a a bold and beautiful version of it. The American Kath and Kim can't hold a candle to the Australian one.

Kath & Kim: Not a Complete Disaster

This show was hyped by NBC has hilarious and ridiculous, but hyped by just about everyone else as a "disaster in the making." I have to say, this just made me all the more curious to check out the premiere because Molly Shannon is hysterical and I love just about everything she's done (Superstar!!), and Selma Blair is definitely a funny lady as well. So what could go wrong? Well, just as it appeared in the promos, the show is good for a few chuckles, but not as over-the-top as it should be. In the premiere, my impression was that the idea was to make the characters ridiculous and then hilarity would ensue. But not quite. As it turns out, you can't just put funny people in funny clothes and have a genius show. Molly Shannon's character, Kath Day, first appeared wearing a full-on 80s leotard, which throughout the episode turned into various outfits of tacky animal prints. So she plays that single mom who's looking to hook a man by staying "sexy," and of course has a disastrous daughter, Selma Blair as Kim Day, who just can't make relationships work because, hey, look at her mother! The dynamic of Kath and Kim is decently funny, but it was pretty obvious there was a lot of potential there not getting tapped. Otherwise, the premiere was a bunch of silly moments like Kath worrying about it being cheating on her new sandwich shop owning man to get a sandwich from a different spot in the mall where he works, then her running wildly after him when he sees her - ha. Plus, I had to laugh at other little moments like Kim's new husband begging to be forgiven, then putting his foot down and saying, "If I walk out that door, you'll never see me again," and Kim noting that it's a glass door, duh, she'll see him after he walks out. One "ha" for that. So overall, because I expected Kath and Kim to be the total flop it was made out to be by many a preview article, I liked it more than I thought I would. But I must say it feels more like an extended Saturday Night Live skit and how long can that be funny? Maybe half a season? Maybe not even an episode? Well, though I was pleasantly surprised by the laughs of the premiere, I do think if I'd expected it to be good, I would have been quite disappointed. If you tuned in, what did you think? Is Kath and Kim already circling the drain or does it have hope? Photo courtesy of

Kath and Kim

By BRIAN LOWRY (Variety) Snide but not smart, " Kath and Kim " will likely leave American audiences scratching their heads, wondering what Australians saw in the concept -- or if something was seriously lost in translation. The producers have sought to give the project a Yank accent mostly by having their low-class protagonists reference National Enquirer-type gossip about U.S. stars, but the show irritates more than it amuses. Most fans of the better NBC sitcoms surrounding it that say "G'day" probably won't be able to say "G'bye" fast enough. read complete review from the source