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'Kathy' Canceled by Bravo After Two Seasons

Bravo has canceled Kathy Griffin's talk show Kathy. //

'Kathy' Season 2: Kathy Griffin's talk show renewed

Kathy Griffin's laughing all the way to another season of her Bravo talk show "Kathy," as the network announces Thursday (July 26) that it's greenlit Season 2.On the show, Kathy chats with celebs and civilians about the week's pop culture events."Look, I don't know what the hell's gonna happen in season two of 'Kathy,' I'm still sore from season one," Kathy says. "It's kind of like 'not Martha Stewart' meets 'not at all Ellen' meets a lot of negative energy. Last season I had every one on my couch from Jane Fonda to Chelsea Handler to Anderson Cooper to my dog walker. Just sit back and laugh. I'll do all the embarrassing stuff ... oh, and I'm nominated for an Emmy." Can't wait till Season 2 to get a dose of Kathy? Check out her new comedy special "Kathy Griffin: Seaman 1st Class" Thursday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.... //