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Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Season 2 Part 2 DVD Review

With the second half of the second season, the series is brought up to episode fifty and essentially closes out the first full arc of the show. Unlike some of the previous sets and batches of episodes, this one focuses mostly on the main fight that's been the central goal of the series to date and that's a showdown with Ragnarok. There are a few lead-up events at the start of this set that places things where they need to be, but by and large the set is focused on a couple of fights that are spread across a large chunk of the twelve episodes here. Because of its focus, we lose a little bit of the charm from the earlier sets and it tries to make up for it by showing us how Kenichi has grown. Kenichi's training is still a good part of the focus and he's continuing to do very well with the diverse level he's getting from all of his masters. What changes in this set is that he's starting to reach a new wall to climb and it's a big enough one that the Elder has actually decided to train Kenichi. This is a significant change as he hasn't taken on a disciple in the longest time and we learn that the first planned student for the dojo was someone who ended up being refused because he was on the wrong path. A man named Ogata, he was focused more on violence and victory through the acquisition of his skills, seeking power more than protection of the weak, that the elder and others refused to train him. This is a fairly simple background story that makes its way into the larger narrative nicely, but is something I wish was woven into the show a lot earlier and more subtly. But that's not this show after all. Read More Click Me!

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Season 2 Part 1 DVD Review

The return of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is quite the welcome thing as the first season surprised us with how much fun it was with its mixed martial arts fighting. Focusing on a young man named Kenichi who wants to get stronger so he can protect a girl he likes, a girl who is a very powerful martial artist herself, the series keeps things moving right along with this set. Unlike some shows where there is a true seasonal break, this is just a continuation of what we've seen before so there isn't any sort of re-introduction or anything as we're just dropped right back in the middle of things. One f the things that keeps events rolling right along when Kenichi would rather just train is Niijima. The devil-alien-bad-friend of Kenichi's is doing his best to build up his Shinpaku Federation and has amassed his Three Admirals in Kenichi, Takeda and Ukita at this point while having some people below them. Kenichi wants nothing to do with this but he keeps getting caught up in things as Niijima attracts that kind of attention. With the other two, Niijima has some amount of verbal brainwashing influence of them which is comical, such as when he manages to convince them to learn the greeting that he wants the Federation to have. Read More Click Me!