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  • 23 episodes
    23 episodes
    • s1e23Ireland: "Golic On Gaelic," ESPN's Newest Hit Show
    • s1e22Ireland: Kenny Tries Hurling
    • s1e21Ireland: OUTTAKE: Kenny Tries Irish Road Bowling
    • s1e20Ireland: Irish Road Bowling In County Cork
    • s1e19England: Kenny Mayne: Ambassador Of American Sports
    • s1e18England: Kenny Mayne: Soccer Hooligan??
    • s1e17England: Kenny Learns Cricket
    • s1e16Thailand: Kenny Buys An Ice Cream, In Thailand
    • s1e15Thailand: Kenny Is Bad At Sepak Takraw
    • s1e14Thailand: Kenny Visits Fight Club: Thailand
    • s1e13Thailand: Kenny Elephant Polo Adventure
    • s1e12New Zealand: Kenny Wears A Skirt and Plays Netball
    • s1e11New Zealand: Extreme Jet-Boating: Sport Or Not?
    • s1e10New Zealand: Kenny's Epic Bungy Jump Adventure
    • s1e9South Africa: Kenny Learns Rugby
    • s1e8South Africa: Kenny Mayne: Stick Fighter
    • s1e7South Africa: Kenny's Extreme Helicopter Ride
    • s1e6South Africa: Extreme 19 - The World's Longest Par 3
    • s1e5Brazil: Kenny Mayne: Ambassador of American Football
    • s1e4Brazil: Kenny's Brazilian Street Fight
    • s1e3Brazil: Kenny Learns Footvolley
    • s1e2Brazil: Kenny's Capoeira Movie: "American Capoeirista"
    • s1e1Brazil: Kelly Meets Ronaldinho