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Kiba Complete Collection DVD Review

With fifty-one episodes to the series, spread across eight discs in two collections here, there's a lot to talk about considering the sheer amount of material. Kiba is not the kind of series that you'd normally expect considering its origins. Produced based on a trading card game which had seen release in the US by Upper Deck, it doesn't follow the traditional shows of this kind of genre that was blazed by Pokemon. The fighting aspect is there, but it doesn't dominate each episode and it's not a tournament based show. And it's not centered around too-young kids who can live through unbelievable events. Instead, characters do die and there's a fair bit of brutality brought into it as well. Across these first twenty-six episodes, it doesn't shy away from some tough things as it presents a rather cruel world. Kiba takes place mostly on one world, but it starts in another in a place called Calm where we're introduced to fifteen year old Zed and his friend Noah. Zed's a spunky troublemaker who is being roughed up by just about everyone because of the way he is with his attitude. His school is suffering to say the least and the administration is ready to expel him. If not for his friend Noah advocating for him, and the explanation of his mother being in the hospital and seemingly suffering from mental issues, he'd have been booted awhile ago. But the things he gets into just makes it worse and worse and it's all coming to a head. Things get so bad in fact that the police are after him now with guidance from the school. The reasons are somewhat hazy at first, but it turns out that Zed is actually someone that is being sought after as one of the teachers is actual a creature called a Tusker that's intent on killing him. Interestingly enough, the Tusker reference isn't touched upon again until nearly twenty-episodes later in any serious form. Read More Click Me!