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Kill la Kill Episode #24 Anime Review (Series Finale)

Our almost complete reunion of Gurren Lagann staffers has really been going all out lately, and is clearly trying to make some last efforts to reach as closely to that glorious level of 6.5 years ago. Unfortunately, Kill la Kill has had far too much in the way of lulls or at least stagnation to really be the second Gurren Lagann we might’ve held out some hope for in the earliest moments, even if it by no means was ever bad. But that shouldn’t stop the team from doing its best in the time it has left, and thanks to the fact that it certainly doesn’t, we get one hell of a finale. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #23 Anime Review

The previous episode left little doubt: Kill la Kill is better than ever, and it’s just going to keep flying forward until the very end. If it was to hope to truly be a successor to Gurren Lagann, it would’ve had to have reached this level a lot earlier, but after some lulls that made it seem unlikely to really make the splash it seemed capable of, it’s extremely exciting to be bombarded with the kind of material that gets your blood dangerously active. Unsurprisingly, it’s not really letting up for a second, and there’s seldom a moment when one wouldn’t be sure this was by the creators of Gurren Lagann. Read More.... //

Kill la Kill Episode #22 Anime Review

The tough part is over. Ryuko has pulled Junketsu off of her, and bloodied herself half to death in the process. She’s back to having the fullest control over her mind she ever has, and in realizing how much trouble she’s caused, she’s more determined to make up for it than ever, as well as more ready to destroy the ones who did this to her than ever. One of them is right in front of her, the unbearably smiley monster who’s been directly destroying everything she and many others in the cast hold dear, and she still has had little more than a few brief moments of being on the losing end. With Ryuko’s newfound strength and determination, along with Senketsu more ready than ever to fight alongside her now that she’s fully ready to accept him, it’s time to put an end to that, or at least wipe that arrogant grin off of Nui’s face, probably once and for all. The destruction is raw and brutal, and the rage that it brings forth from Nui is wonderfully cathartic. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #21 Anime Review

It’s about as straightforward as Kill la Kill gets this week, at least compared to how it’s been in the past few episodes: it’s battle time, and it’s a significant enough one to take up nearly the entire episode. In one corner we have Ryuko and in another Satsuki, but not in the same corners they’ve occupied before, nor the same clothing. It’s all about the role reversal, and every opportunity is taken to capitalize on that as much as possible. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #20 Anime Review

Ryuko is back in action, but she’s even less happy than might be expected. That even Mako’s usual attempt to “hallelujah” all the problems away doesn’t affect Ryuko whatsoever proves that this is serious business, and something that will take some hard beating to get over. The only ones pleased with her current state of mind are Ragyo and Nui, knowing that they can easily take advantage of her with such instability. They go ahead and give Ryuko the invitation to come back to Honnouji Academy to exact her revenge, and much to their glee she takes the bait despite all pleas to think about how screwed she’ll be. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #19 Anime Review

We were left in the midst of a pretty serious battle, and as the preview indicated, our main two girls were pretty much out of commission already. This episode shows a brief continuation to that, but rather than showing the Elite Four and Nudist Beach attempting to strike out against Ragyo and Nui right at that moment, we suddenly find ourselves one month in the future. Needless to say, a lot has changed with that event having “ended” in the way that it did. Ragyo hasn’t been defeated in any way, so her plan is nearly ideally completed, and it’s certainly posing a major threat to how the few survivors are living their lives. However, all hope is not lost, and as was also pointed out in the previous episode’s preview, that’s thanks to the remaining forces on the “good” side, the Elite Four and Nudist Beach, who have now joined forces with the former becoming members of the latter group, and the necessary clothing-discarding that goes with that commitment having taken place. Near the end, the Elite Four even seems to discard that name altogether, as they form a new name alongside the main warriors from Nudist Beach. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #18 Anime Review

The previous episode of Kill la Kill made it pretty clear that this one would be quite the event. No disappointment there, as it picks up right where it left off, with Satsuki’s monologue about how people should never be controlled by clothing. Ignore the obvious fact that such a concept is utterly ridiculous and you get a rousing speech that harkens back a bit to Gurren Lagann, suddenly causing an entire viewership to respect Satsuki immensely, with her villainous persona up to now only strengthening that fact due to how hard she had to act to both ensure that her plan would succeed against the omnipotent eyes of her mother and that Ryuko would be able to train for this while thinking she was fighting her real enemy. As Ragyo notes, Satsuki is perhaps best at delivering these monologues, and despite how fearsome she’s appeared in the past, even her forces combined with Ryuko and her comrades still aren’t enough to defeat the superhuman Ragyo at this stage. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #17 Anime Review

Kill la Kill has been setting up for some rather major developments lately. But then, it’s done so in the past, and the results were generally less spectacular than the buildup would suggest. So should we believe anything different from this current development, especially since it is still pretty early in the second half of the arc? Well Nakashima seems to have stopped playing around for the moment, because we finally get that big reminder that, along with the rest of the main staff, this also has the writer of Gurren Lagann. Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #16 Anime Review

After the previous did the whole “okay, we’re skipping the opening and using it as the ending with no visuals before getting a new opening and ending to show you how much this is really the end of the first half even though it’s not actually” thing, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to think it might follow it up with a compilation episode as many series do (including its predecessor Gurren Lagann, which it has made sure to follow in the footsteps of on several occasions), and this episode indeed begins with Senketsu introducing it as one. But SPOILER: it’s not that, in case you didn’t see the preview from the previous episode, and the crew is just having a little fun at our expense, even acknowledging the very reaction anyone who bought into it would likely have from hearing that this would be such an episode.  Read More... //

Kill la Kill Episode #15 Anime Review

Reports were that episode 15 would bring us a new opening and ending, despite being a few episodes past the halfway point of the series, the usual place to make that change for a standard two-cour series, and rumors were that said episode would bring out the big guns to justify that, much as its predecessor Gurren Lagann did slightly past its own halfway point. The reports were not entirely accurate, as this episode instead fakes us out with the beginning of the opening we’ve had all this time (one of the most clever parts of the episode, I’d say), and the standard version of the song is instead used as the ending with a credit roll. It’s a good way to say goodbye to it, as the new songs do surely start with the next episode, and knowing that, one would think it even more likely that this is the kind of epic episode that demands that kind of special treatment. Read More... //