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Kill la Kill Episode #16 Anime Review

After the previous did the whole “okay, we’re skipping the opening and using it as the ending with no visuals before getting a new opening and ending to show you how much this is really the end of the first half even though it’s not actually” thing, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to think it might follow it up with a compilation episode as many series do (including its predecessor Gurren Lagann, which it has made sure to follow in the footsteps of on several occasions), and this episode indeed begins with Senketsu introducing it as one. But SPOILER: it’s not that, in case you didn’t see the preview from the previous episode, and the crew is just having a little fun at our expense, even acknowledging the very reaction anyone who bought into it would likely have from hearing that this would be such an episode.  Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/01/31/kill-la-kill-episode-16-anime-review/