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Kill la Kill Episode #09 Anime Review

Honnouji Academy is all set to have its version of a student election, and for this high school that of course means fighting to the (almost) death in the most bizarrely perverse ways imaginable. In one corner we have our heroine Ryuko, dressed up in her Sunday best, with so little covering her nipples that it’s becoming more likely that she doesn’t actually have any. In the other we have the first defendant of the regular establishment Gamagoori, a hulk of a man who seems to have shrunk significantly from the literal giant he was in middle school, wearing a “uniform” that looks more like Iron Man in Gurren Lagann cosplay bondage (that may be the most bizarre series of words I’ve ever written and it still doesn’t do the outfit justice). They stand atop a pedestal to begin their battle with the entire student body watching with great excitement from the stadium seating all around (none of them seem too concerned over almost being killed by the combatants, which got them to this point in the first place). Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/11/29/kill-la-kill-episode-09-anime-review/