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  • 49 episodes
    49 episodes
    • s1e48I Found Love! and Da Capo
    • s1e47A Presentiment of Farewells - Find Madoka's First Love
    • s1e46One Snow-White Night - Two Alone in a Gondola
    • s1e45Goodbye Hikaru - And Then There Were None
    • s1e44The Taste of Love? Kyosuke's Valentine from HELL!!
    • s1e43Heartbroken Hikaru - Follow Her to the Winter Beach
    • s1e42Madoka the Popular - Kyosuke Finally Confesses
    • s1e41Immobilized Madoka - Kyosuke's Mysterious Watch
    • s1e40First Dream of the New Year - Giant Monster Jingoro's Counterattack
    • s1e39Hypnotizing Madoka - Kyosuke's Dangerous New Year
    • s1e38Kyosuke Timetrips! The Third Christmas
    • s1e37Heroic Orange Legend - Madoka's Duel in the Blizzard
    • s1e36Adios, Kyosuke! Paranormal Powers Caught On Video!
    • s1e35Perverted With a Camera! Robo-Kyosuke!
    • s1e34Roots Panic! Madoka in the Mysterious Homeland
    • s1e33Strange Madoka! The Mushroom of 120% Truth!
    • s1e32Will My Birthday Come Twice? Time-Runner Kyosuke
    • s1e31Madoka and Yuusaku - The Marching Song of Runaway Youths
    • s1e30A Tender Little Story - Kurumi's First Love, Chapter Hell!
    • s1e29Don't Cry, Jingoro! The Heat of Young Love!
    • s1e28Dangerous Decision! Manami-chan's Big Adventure!
    • s1e27Marked Woman Madoka! Kyosuke, Proving He's a Man!
    • s1e26Kyosuke Becomes a Kid! Getting Super-Close to Madoka!
    • s1e25Risky Self-Hypnosis! Kyosuke Changed!
    • s1e24Introducing Kazuya! Be Careful Around the Panic Kid!
    • s1e23Kyosuke and Madoka in a Big Fight! The 3-Legged Race of Love!
    • s1e22An Adult Relationship? Madoka Secretly Returns Home in the Morning!
    • s1e21Kyosuke in a Pinch! Sweet Nothings at the Wuthering Heights!
    • s1e20Hikaru Witnesses! The Camp is Full of Danger!
    • s1e19The Couple's Experience -- Forbidden Island of Love!
    • s1e18Madoka's Challenge! The Haunted Beach Big Wave Legend
    • s1e17The Summer Temptation - A Double Date Out Of the Blue
    • s1e16Well, Do You Believe or Not? Madoka Saw a UFO
    • s1e15Madoka's Ultimate Decision! Putting a Period to the Love Triangle
    • s1e14A Foreboding Dream! Madoka and Kyosuke are Breaking Up At Last!
    • s1e13Everyone is Looking! Hikaru's Super Transformation!
    • s1e12Study Abroad in America! Goodbye Madoka!
    • s1e11Don't Ring the Wedding Bells!
    • s1e10A Premonition! Hikaru-chan Will Die!
    • s1e9Kurumi-chan's How To Date!
    • s1e8Your Smile! Shutter Chance at the Beach
    • s1e7Madoka's Private Life - A Spark-Colored Kiss!
    • s1e6That Guy is a Rival! Love's Midterm Exam!
    • s1e5Two People's Secret - The Part-Time Job
    • s1e4Hikaru-chan?! The Disturbing C Experience!
    • s1e3Mood Swings - Rowing First Date
    • s1e2Just a Little Lemon Kiss
    • s1e1Transfer Student! Humble First Love!