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Since I'm super behind, no pictures for a bit. We left off with Kazehaya and Sawako heading to the Shrine for the New Years celebration. They walk in silence with neither being able to talk to each other. They finally talk when Sawako almost falls down the stairs at the shrine. Just as they're able to keep going, Chizuru calls Kazehaya (where Chizuru, Ayane and Ryu are watching the couple from a distance). She apologizes for not any of them being able to come along. Kazehaya and Sawako get amazake together and though Kazehaya admits he's never liked drinking it before, he does this time because Sawako does. She's excited she saw Kazehaya's first time at something, but then Kazehaya tells her she's seen a lot of first times already (like going to the shrine with a girl, and wearing the stomach band he got from Sawako for Christmas). They exchange phone emails and Kazehaya realizes Sawako's birthday is that day. Kazehaya asks about Sawako's childhood and although she tells him it's nothing exciting he still wants to hear it. As she talks about her childhood, she realizes she's always been alone, until she met Kazehaya. Sawako tells Kazehaya that she'll try harder to get more people to like her, but Kazehaya tells her that people already do like her. They get to the shrine and pick out their fortunes. Sawako is distressed over her Bad Luck slip, as opposed to Kazehaya's "Very Good Luck". She reads the part pertaining about her relationships and it states the person she's with is the one she likes. Because Sawako feels bad, Kazehaya gives her his slip, telling her he has enough good luck. They start to head home, taking the path she walks to school. Kazehaya mentions that this is where they met for the first time and Sawako is surprised that he actually remembers, meanwhile thinking the same thing. As they continue walking both realize how much they like each other, but not acting on it. Kazehaya drops her off at home, and they part. That's it for the first season! Hopefully they'll come up with more soon! Source Here

Kimi ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Christmas/The Two"

Chizuru and Ryu are back on good terms (Chizuru evening telling Sawako and Ayane that he comforted her) and everyone is getting excited for Christmas. Kazehaya decides to get a Christmas party together for all the singles in the class and invites Sawako. She really wants to go but she tells him she needs to ask her parents first. After school, Sawako in the classroom by herself contemplating whether she should just write her name down. Kazehaya enters the room and convinces her to go. When she gets home, she tries to ask her dad but being that he's really excited for the day to come so she decides to not go to the party. She still decides to make gifts for Chizuru and Ayane, and also starts making a toque for Kazehaya, never intending to give to him. Sawako gives Chizuru and Ayane their gifts earlier since she can't go to the party. Christmas eve, she finishes Kazehaya's toque but a very exited Sawako dad mistakes it for his and Sawako doesn't have a heart to tell him. She decides it's okay since she never intended to give it to Kazehaya. Later that night, she gets a call from Chizuru, who then passes it off to Ayane, who then passes it off to Kazehaya and realizing she's missing a gathering with her friends, she starts to cry on the phone. Sawako's mom casually takes the phone of her hands and starts to talk to Kazehaya. Kazehaya tells her that the party would be more than Sawako, during this time Sawako's dad realizes what he's done (or rather what he thinks he's done) and decides to give Sawako her Christmas gift early. Read More Click Me!

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 20/21 - Review: "Present/First Snow"

I haven't really been into reviewing lately but that might be due to the Olympic craze that happened in my city. Anyways back to Kimi Ni Todoke. Tohru leaves, he tells Ryu to tell Chizuru to show up next time. Chizuru heads over to Ryu's place to give him her present, where Ryu tells her that she's late and that hopefully she'll get over Tohru for the last time. She gets angry and throws the present at him and leaves. The next day Sawako and Ayane still don't know what to do with the situation. Kazehaya tells them that just by being there and worrying about her helps Chizuru a lot. Chizuru shows up and ignores Ryu during class but eventually runs into each other and Chizuru asks what he meant by the night before about her being late. Ryu eventually tells her that he wanted Chizuru to be rejected to finally get over Tohru. Chizuru is upset with Ryu because he thinks she only came to visit Tohru. Sawako and Ayane eventually find her where she breaks down to them and tells them how angry she is at Ryu, not knowing he's listening and leaves. Chizuru tells them what makes her angry the most is how she treated Ryu. The girls go out and enjoy the rest of the day (end of episode 20). Next day, Chizuru looks refreshed but still ignores Ryu. When walking home from going to karaoke, the girls talk about what Chizuru would say to Tohru, with Chizuru joking around saying she would confess to him. Then Tohru actually shows up and steals Chizuru away. The two walk together and Tohru talks about memories with Chizuru growing up. At the end of the walk, Chizuru confesses to Tohru and Tohru tells her he likes her back but as a little sister. Chizuru congratulates Tohru as he leaves after dropping her off at her place. Tohru is greeted by Ryu where he gives him bread that Chizuru threw at him the day before. Ryu goes to Chizur's place only to be told that she is not home yet. Ryu goes to the docks where Chizuru was at the time Tohru moved out. Chizuru realizes it was Ryu that asked Tohru to come visit her and asks Ryu to comfort her, then they embrace. Source Here

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: ''After School"

Sawako offers to make the attendance list for the new semester. Kazehaya offers to help but Pin doesn't like it (they were Tokimeki Memorial-ing) so instead calls him to the staff room. Oh I forgot, before this happened, Kazehaya asks what he should call the dog they both found. Before she can say anything Pin gives an extravagant name, but Sawako decides to call it "Maru-chanâ" from the name Pin suggested. Also to break the rumours, Pin looks directly into Sawako's eyes for three seconds and tells the whole class, he did it. Kazehaya does it too but after the three seconds, he is quite embarrassed. Also Sawako is all doki doki from it, but doesn't know why. So anyways, back to after school, and while Sawako is doing the after school duties, Kazehaya gets away from Pin while he is in the washroom. They share a moment with Kazehaya writing Sawako's name on the attendance sheet but then is quickly called back to the staffroom by Pin. Right after, Endo and Hirano walk in and end up helping Sawako. She's yet again, break the wall with more people. The next day, Chizuru and Ayane hear that Endo and Hirano talked to Sawako after class and congratulate her. Sawako tells them that they are the reason why they decided to talk to her. While in class, Kazehaya passes Sawako a note asking her if she wants to hang out after school, Kazehaya bringing the dog. Read More Click Me!

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: ''Seating Change"

Wow, really late on this one. Real life has been keep me busy but here it is! The second term has started and Sawako and heading to school. She sees a stray dog in a box by the river and since it was raining, she decides to place her umbrella above it so that it wouldn't get wet. She arrives at school and because her hair is wet, she looks even scarier than normal (to others). She doesn't have a change of clothes so she just sits at her desk when Shouta shows up wet as well but drying himself off with the towel he brought. Shouta recognizes the west Sawako and lends her his towel. He calls Chizuru and Ayane over and asks them if they have an extra set of clothes. They find one of the girls (sorry I can't remember, it's been too long!) gym clothes and even though it smelled, Sawako was so happy that she has friends close enough to lend her clothes. She gives them all juice boxes as a sign of thanks, but in true Sawako style, she just leaves said juice boxes on their desks without telling them. As her way back home from school, she stops by the river where the dog was to check up on him. As she's doing this, Shouta shows up as well. She explains to him how she left her umbrella for the dog and that's why she was wet when she got to school. The dog reacts the same way as the morning, where it growls at Sawako, but totally friendly with Shouta. Shouta mentions to her that if a dog sees that a person is friendly to another person, then they stop barking at that person. So he gets up close to Sawako showing the dog that they are friendly and magically the dog stops barking! I think it's the day, the class does a seating change, for the new semester. Everyone talks about how they don't want to be anywhere close to Sawako after she takes a number. She sits at the far left, second last seat and as she does this, Shouta sits right beside her. As he does this, (I think) Ayane sits right in front her. As (I think) Chizuru tries to sit behind her, takes the seat, telling her that he was assigned this seat. So she ends being beside (I think) Ayane. For the first time in her life, Sawako is able to say the she is happy with the seating arrangement. Source Here

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: ''Prologue"

It's finally arrived! The most anticipated series for Fall 2009! Kimi Ni Todoke is about a girl named Sawako who is often mistaken to be called "Sadako" the woman from "The Ring" because of her scary face and awkwardness that makes her sound like a ghost. She admires Shouta a lot and because of him she starts to open up to more people and starts to change the people around her. Most of the episode consisted of the class participating in Kimodameshi. Sawako wanted to be the ghost act and because of this, she befriends two of her classmates. Everyone is really scared, which makes Sawako really happy, since she is making everyone's experience enjoyable, in a scared kind of way. She bumps into Shouta, tries to scare him but then realizes it's him and he then decides to stay with her. The next day, the class founds out that he was with Sawako the whole time, so as a punishment, since he didn't finish the course, he has to spend the first two weeks helping Sawako with school chores during the summer break. He then stands up for her and tells everyone that it's cruel to call that punishment. Then Sawako tries to break up the misunderstanding and walks out the door. The next day heading to school, she starts to cry because she thinks that she won't be able to talk to Shouta the same way she has in past. She claims she was used to it by now but obviously liking a guy is something different, although she hasn't clicked into what she is feeling towards Shouta. Just when she's about to give up on the idea of ever being friends with Shouta, she sees him waiting for her to go to school. He hands her the underdog best efforts prize from the class since they felt bad for making her the punishment. He then asks her if he should have his hopes for seeing her during the summer break. Read More Click Me!

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: ''Friends"

So Sawako tries to tells the girls that the rumours aren't true but they aren't listening. They eventually push her to the floor and accuse Sawako of only getting close Ayane and Chizuru because she wanted to get close to Kazehaya. Sawako tells them that that's not true and the fact the matter is she actually loves both of them. That's when Chizuru and Ayane step up and help her out. Everyone is happy that the rumours were all false and they can get back with their lives. It was funny that initially the guys were talking about the rumours that Sawako spread of Chizuru and Ayane and Kazehaya steps up and tells them that she wouldn't never spread rumours. As the girls are catching up, of course Pin comes a minute too late and is expecting a fight. You're too late Pin, go away. Anyways, Sawako notices that people look at her in somewhat of a different light (even though they they that she's somewhat like a Japanese spirit called Zashiki-warashi). After school, everything is back to normal and in fact the two girls invite her out to get ramen. Kazehaya is somewhat jealous that he can't get any alone time with Sawako, but after seeing her smile, he realizes that the two can make her happy as well. At the end of the episode, we get a glimpse Kurumi and she even speaks too! I know she's the antagonist but still I can't get over the fact that it's Hirano Aya doing the voice! I have not yet heard her to a negative character so this should be exciting. Source Here

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: ''Determination"

Ah! Another cliffhanger episode! I probably should have waited for the next one to come out before I watched all three. Anyways, it starts with Sawako contemplating about being alone again but it's just one of those things, once you have it, you can't live with out it. True friends are hard to come by and once you have them, even if you try, it's so hard to live without. So this is what Sawako realizes and while is being depressed about this, she sees Kazehaya waiting for her at the exact same place he waited on the first day of summer. She tries to tell him to stop talking to him but then she starts bawling telling him that she can't lie. She tells him that if he talks to her, his popularity will go down and all that. He then tells Sawako that that isn't his choice. He chooses to talk to her and that the only Sawako he sees and the one he sees right now. No rumours, nothing. He then tells him that she can never avoid him ever again. (I think it's) Chizuru who starts sifting through the notes that Sawako gave her and asks herself who would ever make such a time consuming task of writing notes specifically for her. Then her and Ayane hang out at night talking about Chizuru and they conclude that because they are so concerned with how she feels and how she feels towards them, not only do they like her, they love her, that they are actually friends. Next day Sawako starts hearing the rumours again in the washroom, so she gets out from one of the stalls to break the rumours but then is confronted about it. I'm really wondering about the fist that Sawako makes at the very end of the episode. It would be cool if she punched out the girl but this ain't shounen. I know she's going to stand up for herself. Go Sawako! Source Here

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: ''Rumours"

Ah! I hate cliffhanger episodes! Ayane and Chizuru just pass off the rumours like nothing. They don't believe it at first because there's NO way that Sawako can be spreading those rumours. I like how Chizuru was all self conscious over the rumour that she used to be a bad ass in middle school and her squinty eyes helped those rumours. Ayane says it under her breath that they're not as open as she think they are. Next day Sawako brings notes to school for Chizuru for the mid terms coming up. They should have deepened their friendship, and it did for a while, but then Ayane and Chizuru overhear Sawako talking to a friend from another class and all they hear is Sawako telling her friend that they are friends, but she tells her that how close Ayane and Chizuru are, that's what she calls friends, and she hopes that she can get that close to them one day. But of course Pin drags both of them away so all they heard was that they aren't friends. They start rethinking whether or not the rumours are true so they ask her. They both tell her that they like her and ask for her opinion. Sawako tries to tell them that she doesn't like them, she loves them, but is cut off after the first section, so frustrating! Then Sawako overhears the rumours that Sawako has started taking advantage of Ayane and Chizuru, and also started using Kazehaya too. She tries to find the person that's spreading the rumours but of course she won't find it since it's supposed to be coming from her. She thinks that she is the reason why everyone is getting hurt so she tries to distance herself from everyone. She even starts avoiding Kazehaya and so he brings it up with her. She tells him that no matter what happens, she'll always like him and runs off. There's also a point where Sawako apologizes to Ayane and Chizuru, which deepens the misunderstanding. Ugh! I know this is part of the shoujo aspect but so frustrating! Source Here

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: ''Saturday Night"

After the past dramatic episodes, this was nice happy episode. It's like any other Saturday night at the Kuronuma residence. Sawako is making curry for dinner and all is well. All of a sudden the phone rings and her mom picks up. She is shocked, a friend is calling for Sawako. Sawako picks up the phone and it's Ayane and Chizuru asking her eat ramen with her since the last time was a failure. Sawako's parents send her off in a hurry. When they get to the ramen restaurant, Sawako thinks she's seeing things when she thinks she sees Ryu switching the water jug for them. She's not seeing things, it's actually Ryu's dad's place. After they're done, they go up to Ryu's place to hang out. Ayane gets a phone call from her boyfriend in college. It's a totally different world for Sawako. After Ryu comes up and when him and Chizuru are arguing, Sawako asks if they are dating. Ryu gives her a smile but Chizuru denies it completely. I guess if everyone's read the book or even just from this episode, we all know that Ryu actually likes Chizuru but she has no idea. They start looking at pictures from their (Ryu, Kazehaya, Chizuru) middle school days. Sawako is excited to see Kazehaya before she met him. They make a comment about how Ryu hasn't changed since forever. Then they notice Kurumi, and Chizuru asks if she is Ryu's type. He says it isn't, then asks about Sawako. He tells them she's normal. Then Sawako comments how she likes him, but of course as a friend, since she says she loves Ayane and Chizuru after. Then they ask what she thinks of Kazehaya. She gets all embarrassed and says she loves him, but again she probably doesn't understand fully what she's saying. Then they decide to invite Kazehaya over since everyone is there already. Read More Click Me!