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Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: ''New Friend"

It's so hard to hate Kurumi right now with Hirano Aya's voice! I know she's the total antagonist but it really is hard to get past her front. Anyways, Sawako seems to be having a nice day since she's improved playing soccer so she's able to play along with the other classmates. Also, when going back to the class, Kurumi is looking for Kazehaya (this is why I know not to like her) and then she tells Sawako that she remembers her from the time she helped Sawako because she looks like a doll, a creepy one but of course she didn't say that part. I really like this episode in a way because Sawakos really starting to notice a change in herself. She's feeling something for Kazehaya that she's never felt before. Oh also, because Sawako sees Kurumi being friendly to Kazehaya, she starts thinking about wanting to be cute for the first time. She discusses with Ayane and Chizuru about possible haircut styles but they conclude that her current look is the best for her. I really liked the part where Ayane asks Kazehaya to call Sawako by her first name and he gets completely embarrassed and doesn't do it in the end anyways. Then it happens again after school where Kazehaya tries to call Sawako by her first name but Kurumi comes into intrude in the moment because she's like that and then covers it up saying that her and Sawako are friends. Ayane and Chizuru have mixed feelings after witnessing this. Source Here