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KING OF THE HILL "The Boy Can't Help It" Review Series Finale

I was fortunate enough to check out one of the last two episodes from the series finale of King of the Hill , titled "The Boy Can't Help It." It will premier tonight, Sunday Sept 13th 2009 on Fox. One of the key factors to the show's success (and the reason it's been on since 1997) is that the characters don't really age, well that, and great writing. One thing I wish they'd update though is Peggy's glasses. Can someone please take that woman to Lenscrafters or get her some contact lenses? Anyway, let's talk about the show. The men run out of projects and decide to create the ultimate homeless man's shopping cart (which is pretty sweet). Bobby needs a date for the prom and is made into a special project by the mean girls. They basically treat him like their pet and Bobby mistakes their attentions as actual affection for him. Hank is horrified to see how Bobby is acting around the girls and thinks he should be more masculine (big surprise). Peggy on the other hand fully supports Bobby's behavior. I get that it's Hank's shtick to play the ultra macho southern gent, but it's starting to feel as old as Peggy's glasses. Also, I'm never able to decide if they are trying to make Bobby out to be gay or not. I feel the same way about Stewie on Family Guy . If you have been a long-time fan of the show you'll probably like "The Boy Can't Help It", but to me it felt a little stale. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

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Don't get me wrong, King of The Hill is an ok series, but it is nothing compared to Beavis and Butthead. I think that Mike Judge made a huge mistake by stopping with the beavis and butthead and doing this show instead.

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The episode where springfield mall gets a apple store "mapple" and bart plugs in a mic to voice over steve jobs "steve mobs" video where he denounces all the stupid apple social elitist customers telling them they are idiots for spending over $500 for a phone when all it takes to make one is a few dollars and then he pees on them and why they (the apple company) is retarded for firing steve jobs just to hire him back ten years later. Then the best part is when barney runs up and flings a hammer at the apple store just like the classic apple commercial from 1984. This is classic simpsons humor. and I love it.