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Kingdom Series Finale Recap and Appreciation: Tapped Out

To the very end, Kingdom never pulled its punches. It was a drama populated by terribly faulted people, nary a perfect role model among them. And the closest thing that the Kulinas inner circle had to one died in the penultimate episode, no casualty of a brutal cage fight but an utterly random shooting. Whats [] //

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Headhunter

There is so much sorrow on Kingdom this season that it's hard not to reach for the pills and the nearby measuring cup to fill with booze. Hey, that's how Alvey does it on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 , and even though the conversation he has at the end with Christina finally brings him some laughter, it's impossible not to feel the heaviness weighing on everyone. Personally, I've nominated Kirk Acevedo's Dom as some sort of Grim Reaper, because he becomes more sketchy all the time, and my lack of trust for him and the timing of his arriving at Navy St. feels like he's been hell-sent to watch as the Kulinas and their friends implode.   ...Read More...

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Wolf Tickets

At the beginning of Kingdom Season 3 Episode 1 , Alveywoke up on a beach, his mind hazy about the previous night's events. It's not a surprise he was named MMA Coach of the Year considering how well his fighters have been doing. The real jolt was putting together the unmentioned time jump and discovering how far things have progressed since we last checked in with the Kulinas.  ...Read More...

Kingdom & Bloodline Final Seasons Review: Strong Shows Go Out Swinging

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, let's call it a tale of two series coming to a close, with the third and final season of Bloodline launching on Netflix late tonight, and the third and final season of Kingdom debuting on AT&T's Audience on May 31. And, lets be clear, you should make sure both get a proper send-off. Though the former has been planned for a while and the latter saw the plug pulled suddenly only last month, the respective conclusions of both the Todd A   ...Read More... //

'Kingdom' season finale recap: 'No Sharp Objects'

Jay and Ryan reenter the cage for their highly anticipated rematch  ... Read More... //

'Kingdom' recap: 'Late to Leave'

Alicia makes a big career decision before tragedy strikes Navy St. ...  Read More... //

'Kingdom' recap: 'Do Not Disturb'

Christina returns home just as Alvey gets a new love interest....   Read More... //

'Kingdom' recap: 'Lay and Pray'

Alvey gets devastating news as Alicia prepares to get in the cage...   Read More... //

Kingdom Review: Frank Grillo-Led MMA Drama Packs Punch In Return

After a break of more thanseven months, Kingdom is back June 1 for the second half of its second season onAT&Ts Audience Network , and the MMA-based series is delivering a lot of power in its punch this time around. If you haven't seen the Byron Balasco-created show starring Frank Grillo , Jonathan Tucker, Nick Jonas, Natalie Martinez , Joanna Going, Matt Lauria and Kiele Sanchez, then I strongly suggest you tune in. I suggest that because Kingdom returns hard and ...  Read More... //

'Kingdom' creator previews the midseason finale, Ryan's 'last hurdle'

For Ryan Wheeler, Kingdom 's midseason finale is about redemption. It's about showing the world that he deserves to wear that belt and that tattoo across his chest, for that matter and making his dad proud. This is the last hurdle for him to climb to get back to where he feels like he... //