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'Kirstie' premiere: This pedigree should have better comedy

TV Land debuted its new comedy "Kirstie" Wednesday (Dec. 4), a sitcom starring "Cheers" alums Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman plus "Seinfeld" alum Michael Richards. One would think with the sitcom pedigree gracing the small screen for TV Land's new "Kirstie," the comedy would be better. Unfortunately, the show looks and feels like something made 20 years ago -- except not as funny as the gems of 20 years ago. The laughs, when there are some, are cheap. A Viagra joke? "Suck it, Angelina Jolie," as if she cares about some Broadway actress being put on the cover of People. As if a Broadway diva would be on the cover of People. Is this set in the 1950s?It's not devoid of bright spots -- there was a lovely moment when Alley's character Maddie is telling assistant Thelma (Perlman) about giving her son up for adoption. "I'm not a mother," she concludes, and walks away. Those... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/12/kirstie-premiere-this-pedigree-should-have-better-comedy.html