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Recap Kyle XY: Season 1, Episode 3 - The Lies That Bind

As the morning begins in the Trager household Kyle's sleeping in the bathtub disrupts the family's morning routine. Lori claims she is running late for work. Kyle will go with Stephen to his office. While Nicole is about to leave the house she receives a call from Detective Breen. He tells Nicole that Kyle may be connected to a murder. In the elevator Stephen receives a call and tells a white lie because he is late for his meeting with Brad, the CEO of the company, which shocks and confuses Kyle. Stephen tells Kyle to always tell the truth. Allison, the receptionist, informs Stephen the server crashed in the morning. Stephen leaves Kyle with Allison and tells him to draw. Back at the Trager household Nicole is looking at some pictures of a crime scene near where Kyle was first discovered. Nicole theorizes that this has nothing to do with Kyle because the skeleton looks old but, Detective Breen informs her the bones have been tampered with indicating someone tried to cover up their tracks. Also, some flesh was left underneath the victim's fingernails suggesting there was a struggle and the killer must have scratch marks on themselves. The Detective shows her a photograph of a security key card that was found near the remains in the woods and either belonged to the victim or the attacker. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now