La Femme Nikita

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La Femme Nikita

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on USA
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5 Seasons, 96 Episodes
60 Minutes
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La Femme Nikita is about a young woman who is falsely accused of murder. While in prison, she is taken by a top secret counter-terrorist agency called, Section One. Section One, believing she is a beautiful yet cold blooded killer, gives her a choice - work for them or she will be canceled. Forced to work for them and their ruthless ways, Nikita struggles to keep her compassion and her integrity. La Femme Nikita ran for 5 seasons on the USA Network.



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La Femme Nikita S1E11
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A raid on a chemical weapons plant proves successful, but at a price, when Michael is injured and left behind, prompting Nikita to lead a rescue mission.

Episode Reviews

by Ellaeulalia

Aug 26, 2014

When u Love advetures and survival. This is ur show.LOve Bear

by jcfan

Aug 09, 2015

Love this show! I know some people don't like it because some of it seems "staged" and what not. But if you think of it, if they didn't put Bear is some of those situations it would make for boring TV.

by jazeron

Jan 30, 2015

Bear Grylls is the sexiest man alive. He makes me want to survive in the wilderness for a record amount of time just to impress him. He has conquered impossible feats and educates our generation on how to cope in the wild, both physically and mentally. What an outstanding individual.

by eriduserpent

Sep 03, 2014

He´s a nob head...he ruins the show

by Jim Anderson

Dec 20, 2015

The first two seasons are great but there is limit to many jungles, deserts and mountains before the show or Bear starts to repeat it self, but still enjoyed it.