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Kat Von D Says Farewell by Looking Back in 'LA Ink' Series Finale (VIDEO)

After four seasons on the air, it was time for Kat Von D to say good-bye to her life in front of the camera on the series finale of 'LA Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC). She used the time to reflect on the crazy ride she's had over the past several years. "I've definitely grown up a lot," she admitted before talking about dropping out of high school to become a tattoo artist at 16. "It was my calling." "Looking back at the first season of 'LA Ink,' we had no idea it would even get to this level. I'm flattered that people are even still interested," she said. As for her future, she'll keep doing what she loves, equating tattooing to a life-long friend. "Aside from my family, it's the one thing that has stayed consistent." //

Boredom Leads to a Pain Contest and Cat Tattoo on 'LA Ink' (VIDEO)

It's important that people go out and get more tattoos. It will save the kind of boredom that leads to what we saw on 'LA Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC). If more people were in the shop keeping Michael busy with actual work, he might not have gotten roped into a "pain challenge" with Rooftop. Over three rounds, Rooftop rather dominated poor Michael. Michael won round two, which saw him eat five peppers, only because Rooftop simply chose not to participate. He must have been that confident he would take the final paintball round. For losing, Michael had to throw a dart at the big board of generic tattoo images and get that image inked on them. Of all the things, Michael hit a fluffy cat head. But true to his word, the image will now adorn his body for all of eternity. //

Dan Gives Rooftop a Permanent Tattoo Prank on 'LA Ink' (VIDEO)

Everyone loves a good prank, but when you pull a prank with a tattoo, that's a permanent joke, so you'd better hope it's a funny one. On 'LA Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC), Dan decided it was time to give Rooftop a little payback for all the grief he gives everyone in the tattoo shop all the time. He's a regular hanging around and he's always cracking jokes at other people's expense, so Dan decided to teach him a bit of a lesson. Rooftop was looking for a tattoo of a heart with a banner that says "Mom." Well, Dan got it almost right. Instead of "Mom," he put his own name into the tattoo. It was all the guys could do to keep it together long enough for Dan to finish his work and proudly show it to Rooftop. //

'LA Ink' canceled: Kat Von D joins Kate Gosselin at the TLC guillotine

TLC apparently decided this was the week to distance itself from some of its biggest stars. Just days after announcing that it would no longer document the moves of Kate Gosselin and her sizable brood, the network says Kat Von D vehicle "LA Ink" is ending as well. "TLC has decided that the current season of 'LA Ink' will be its last," TLC in a statement. "The network is proud of what the series has accomplished in its four seasons, following Kat Von D's journey as an artist from Miami to Los Angeles. The series finale will air September 15th at 10 p.m. [ET]"That journey started on "Miami Ink," TLC's original tattoo parlor reality series, which ran 9 seasons until concluding its run in 2008. This isn't the end of the "Ink" franchise, though. "NY Ink" was recently renewed for a second season and a British incarnation, "London Ink," currently airs on TLC's international sister... //

Arianna Wrecks Kat's Car on 'LA Ink' (VIDEO)

In case you weren't aware, out-of-state drivers, "'Exit' still means exit in California." It's a lesson that Arianna could stand to learn after this week's episode of 'LA Ink' (Thurs., 10PM ET on TLC) in which she drove Kat's car the wrong way into a parking lot and blew out the tires. "What did we run over?" she exclaimed in a panic, to which Kat's roommate "Rooftop" drawled, "Oh, the strip of spikes." //

Stephen Baldwin Wants a Pontius Pilate Tattoo on 'LA Ink' (VIDEO)

Stephen Baldwin is well known as the most laidback of the Baldwin brothers, and he brought that mellowness onto 'LA Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC), with a little help from 20 Advils. He was inspired by a stone sculpture he'd seen of Pontius Pilate. He wanted "Veritas" -- the Latin word for "Truth" -- underneath it. The artist noticed, though, that the image created from the statue had "the classic Baldwin eyes." Apparently, Baldwin had noticed that as well, which made it an even more appopriate tattoo for him. Hear that Baldwins? You all should get it, too! Not too many people can say they have a tattoo of Pontius Pilate on their leg, and it's a pretty good-sized one at that. Baldwin suffered for his art as well, asking how it could possibly still hurt after he'd taken those Advil. No pain no gain? //

'LA Ink': Is Jesse James just a Kat Von D marketing tool?

Is Kat Von D totally manipulating us? Call us pessimistic (guilty!), but it seems awfully coincidental that Kat Von D's splashy breakup with Jesse James happened within a week of Thursday's (July 28) return of "LA Ink," her super-successful docu-reality show, to TLC.News of the split broke Friday (July 22) when the couple announced the end of their relationship just months ahead of a planned wedding. Not for nothing, but we found out Kat had thrown over Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx for James just a few weeks before the show ended its fall 2010 run. Anyway...Could Kat's stormy walk out from the set of "Good Day LA" on Wednesday (July 27) morning and subsequeent 'What can I say? I suck' Facebook blog post be, well, downright disingenuous? Should we be questioning the validity of the entire ink-stained relationship?Certainly two vets of reality TV -- one of whom cheated on America's Sweetheart (Sandra Bullock) with... //

'LA Ink' Preview: Kat Von D and Jesse James During Happier Times (VIDEO)

Kat Von D is back in an all-new season of 'LA Ink' (Thurs., 10PM on TLC) and everything seems to be going her way. However, Kat and Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James called off their engagement. In the trailer below, Kat calls Jesse her "soul mate." Kind of awkward, right? Look for 'LA Ink' Season 4 to showcase Kat's many recent successes, including her gallery opening and whirlwind book tour, as well as a few troubled moments. Of course it wouldn't be 'LA Ink' without some drama. No word on whether the show will tackle her recent relationship turmoil. //

Newly Renewed 'LA Ink' Aired Jesse James Finale

The high-profiled romance between Kat Von D and Jesse James could have contributed in the longevity of "LA Ink". The spin-off to "Miami Ink" has just been given eight additional episodes order by TLC. This new set of episodes will debut as the second half of season 4 in Spring 2011, Variety reports. TLC initially ordered 13 episodes in season 4 which culminated on Wednesday, November 3 night. Kicking off with the departure of Corey Miller, the season followed Kat's book release, beauty line launch and shop expansion. But the finale exposed more than what fans had bargained for. A footage of her and Jesse James making their first public appearance as a couple was included. To Read More Click Here.

Kat Von D Preps a New Season of Ink

"I still have a lot of mixed feeling about reality television," admits Kat Von D, the Hollywood tattoo artist whose reality series, LA Ink, returned for a fourth season last week (Wednesdays, 10/9c, TLC). "I've lost friends but I've made new friends, too, and the show has basically changed everything for me." Season 3 ended with the surprise departure of Corey Miller, Kat's longtime mentor and business partner at High Voltage, her L.A. tattoo parlor. "There were definitely a lot of hurt feelings and still are, but I understand people have to move on," she says. Poor Kat, meanwhile, barely has time to breathe this season. She's writing a second book, her shop and product lines are expanding, and so is her relationship with rocker and radio host Nikki Sixx. "I finally get to tattoo him," she says (comedian Bobcat Goldthwait and Lost's Dominic Monaghan will also get inked). And there's a new "character" - pro BMXer Mike Escamilla, better known as Rooftop. "He's my new roomie, and he's got this fearsome energy - he's lively, he's comical and he's super, super hot," Kat says. "He's going to blow everybody out of the water this year." Source Here