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TLC Renews 'L.A. Ink'

Direct from the "Not a Big Surprise" department comes news that TLC has reupped 'L.A. Ink' for another run and that production on season 4 is already underway. A spin-off of 'Miami Ink,' which ended in 2008, 'L.A. Ink' follows tattoo artist Kat Von D at her High Voltage shop in West Hollywood. The show is currently averaging 1.4 million viewers per week. Those are impressive numbers, not just because they come from a cable-based show, but because it airs on Thursday nights at 10PM a hotbed of original programming on the Big Three and One-Third networks. To Read More Click Here .

Sneak Peek: Soulja Boy Gets Tattoo on 'LA Ink'

An upcoming episode of TLC's "LA Ink" has been previewed and Soulja Boy is in it. The self-proclaimed superstar and rapper comes to Kat Von D's tattoo parlor to have the back of his left hand inked with his last name "Way" so that when the two hands are joined, they would spell his name. Soulja, who has numerous body arts already, said that he had never had a tattoo by a female artist before. During the inking, Kat who obviously has not heard a lot about the rapper, asked him about how he claimed his fame. Soulja told her that he was famous through the internet first before he released a debut album. Also in the Thursday, March 11 episode, the planning of a party at the shop puts Kat in the middle of feuding Adrienne and Liz. Aubry debates about removing her LA Ink tattoo. Source & Video

LA Ink Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 10 - 'Outside Interests'

Dan reminds Kat that he's taking a break to record songs with his band and she caught off guard. Paulie's frustration with the lack of work leads to a heated blowout. Watch & Discuss: Watch LA Ink Season 4, Episode 10 - 'Outside Interests'

LA Ink Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 8 - 'Tramp Stamp of Approval'

Aubry decides to get a tattoo, but Kat worries she's doing it for the wrong reasons. Watch & Discuss: Watch LA Ink: Season 4, Episode 8 - 'Tramp Stamp of Approval'

'LA Ink' Returns for New Season

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 It's just that impossible to keep the bad girl attitude out of your skin. TLC didn't think twice in ordering another season of the hit reality series, LA Ink. The filming began in July this year, with the open casting call announced last June. Kat Von D returns to her fast-paced lifestyle later this year, along with her needle-wielding crew consisting of Hannah, Kim and Corey. The forum on Kat Von D's website is buzzing with questions about the return of LA Ink, but the network has not confirmed when exactly it will be back. However, Kat validated the news about her return, and wrote on her MySpace page that she can't wait for LA Ink's season 3 to begin. "A third season is definitely gonna be the best one yet, so I am SO stoked about it!" she exclaimed on her blog. Fans will once again be able to take part in the tattoo artist's escapades with another batch of artists. Despite having no official dates for the premiere, the series will most likely appear alongside Miami Ink and London Ink. For those who can't miss another appearance of Kat Von D and the rest of the show's artists, a DVD of LA Ink's first season has been slated for release. Genius Products has recently announced that Season One, Volume Two of LA Ink will be in stores on October 21. Meanwhile, Kat will be making her appearances touring with her boyfriend, Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx. Kat has even promoted the new Motley Crue album on her homepage, rapturous about the song "Animal in Me." Kat was also seen strapped to the front of a train on a music video of the rock band Alkaline Trio, for the song "Help Me." Her appearance on the video was a return favor from the band's Matt Skiba, who was inked by Kat during the first season of LA Ink. -Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist