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LA Ink Review by Blue_Demon62 on

LA Ink is the new tattoo shop Kat Von D has decided to open after leaving Miami. The question is... Will she find the best tattoo artists in the biz? Will her shop be rockin'? The answers are in this show. LA Ink is Kat's baby, she's paid her dues to getting her shop up and running and she is pretty excited about owning her own shop. To compare this show to another tattoo show is unfair. LA Ink is more laid back and easy going, which some people don't always like. To some viewers the shop doesn't seem to be busting at the seams with customers, but given to the location that might give you a clue. The artists that have been listed in to work in the shop are all amazing in their own right - Corey Miller is amazing at doing freehand tattoos, Kim and Hannah both preform magic when it comes to coloured tattoos and they are all quirky in their own way; Hannah is very happy to have a good ol' chin wag to customers, while Kim is more laid back and quiet; neither are a bad thing. Pixie is the shop manager, and she loves the job, hopefully we'll see her filling out the role more than we have been, aside from watching the artist do their think and help customers who want cover up ect, but the artists won't manage to do a good enough job. The show is interesting in its own right, though at times it can be a bit slow. Review by Blue_Demon62 on